Writing Update

It has been a crazy end of 2015. My seven-year-old son was hospitalized with encephalitis and Guillain Barre after receiving the flu mist. He has had it before, but it is a VERY RARE complication. It was an emotional roller coaster that put my writing on hold, but I came back strong in the new … More Writing Update

Talent and Passion

Have you ever met anyone who is naturally gifted in an area (e.g., athletic) but doesn’t have any passion when they do it (e.g., play a sport)? You see glimpses of greatness which soon fades. On the other hand, have you ever met anyone who is not naturally gifted, but has the passion the size … More Talent and Passion

Dark Skin is Bad?

My son made a comment to me today that made me think. Kobi: “I got all my friends to wear sunblock, mom.” He plays football and is taking a lifeguard class, so he is out in the son a lot! Me: “That’s good. They don’t want to ruin their skin or get sunspots.” Maybe he … More Dark Skin is Bad?

Teen Suicide- Alone

A child (only 14-years-old) jumped to her death at my son’s high school on Sunday. This really disturbs me. I’m trying to grasp what feelings she must have had within to end it all. Here are a few of my thoughts. Alone. No one to call a friend. My parents don’t understand me. Pressure to … More Teen Suicide- Alone

Concept: Writer

During my PhD studies, I took an entire course on concept analysis. I almost wanted to die during this course. It wasn’t that the course was difficult; instead, it was rather abstract. In the course, we picked a concept (e.g., risk) and examined the literature using a systematic process to understand the concept from multiple … More Concept: Writer

Hard Work and Luck

Being a writer is a lot harder than it appears. I recently finished Steven King’s book, On Writing. It was refreshing to hear the “author king” (literally) have many doubts for years even after all of his success. His wondered if his work was “good enough.” I didn’t realize that even “the man” thought that. … More Hard Work and Luck

The 777 Writing Challenge, Or a Peek into a Manuscript

I was invited by Michael Fedison to participate in a writing challenge. I met him through the WordPress community and have loved his voice and creative mind. Be sure to check him out on his wonderful website, The Eye-Dancers. The 777 Writing Challenge is very simple: ‘The 777 challenge requires you go to Page 7 … More The 777 Writing Challenge, Or a Peek into a Manuscript


Have you ever had an opportunity that seemed wonderful, but just maybe not for you? Everyone else around you would think you were crazy for not taking a great opportunity. “I should try it,” you tell yourself, but there is this nagging feeling within you that it isn’t right. So you continue to push through. … More Change

Christmas = inspiration, giving, and love…hmm not always?

Christmas should be a time of year full of inspiration, giving, and love. Everyone should be “holly jolly” just like Buddy. Hmm. It isn’t always this way…at least in my family. My family (4 kids + dad) starts by wanting to help hang lights, listen to Christmas music, and drink hot chocolate. Then, after just … More Christmas = inspiration, giving, and love…hmm not always?