Have you ever had an opportunity that seemed wonderful, but just maybe not for you? Everyone else around you would think you were crazy for not taking a great opportunity. “I should try it,” you tell yourself, but there is this nagging feeling within you that it isn’t right. So you continue to push through. … More Change


Fear. It’s within all of us. It’s what holds us back from reaching our greatest potential. Fear that we aren’t being the best parent, our work is not good enough, trying something knew…the list goes on and on. We were all given natural talents. Sometimes these gifts manifest in younger years and at other times, … More Fear

Last Monday of School!

It is the last Monday before kids get out of school. I’m excited about more vacation time, but I’m also panicking on my long to do list! I’m trying to get my dissertation in to a journal. Wow! It’s a ton of work! I’m also editing my YA book. It’s juggling time! Image credit: here.