What I learned from Everything Everything: Child Abuse & Independence

Why do we read books (for my book lovers)? Here are some reasons I think we read: We want to understand ourselves and the world we live in through stories. Entertainment Escape from reality Experience another life or world Knowledge I learn something from every book I read. I recently read Everything Everything by Nicola … More What I learned from Everything Everything: Child Abuse & Independence

Blacks and Minorities Can Overcome Statistics

My oldest son, Kobi, talked to me about the Texas police shootings first thing this morning. This made me reflect on the situation.

The odds are not in favor for Blacks, Hispanics, or minorities in general, but this doesn’t mean we have to keep adding to the statistics. Create your future. Overcome the odds. Violence against violence is not the answer. I beat many odds to get my PhD. It wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I took that road instead of many other roads that would have led me to become another statistic. … More Blacks and Minorities Can Overcome Statistics

Last Monday of School!

It is the last Monday before kids get out of school. I’m excited about more vacation time, but I’m also panicking on my long to do list! I’m trying to get my dissertation in to a journal. Wow! It’s a ton of work! I’m also editing my YA book. It’s juggling time! Image credit: here.

Lead By Example

Being a parent is the hardest job and the greatest responsibility many people will ever have. With almost every decision I make, I think about how that decision will affect my kids. As parents we often feel guilty. Did I not spend enough time with my children today? Did I not read to them? Did … More Lead By Example