International Men’s Day: A Father

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in some time. I will give an update below. I hope you are all doing well. I miss interacting with many of you. I will be sure to check in on other blogs! Today, my focus is on International Men’s Day! I’m back collaborating with some bloggers who inspire me to be my best self.

Collaboration with a Purpose chose to post on International Men’s Day. We did a post in March for International Women’s Day, so it’s time to give men some love.


Where did International Men’s Day come from? It was started on 11-19-99 by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, history lecturer at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad Tabago. International Men’s Day focuses on men’s and boy’s health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models. Moreover, it’s a day to celebrate their men’s positive achievements and contributions to communities, at work, friendships, families, marriages, and child care.

In this blog post, I chose to focus on being a father. According to the 2017 U.S. Census Bureau, out of approximately 12 million single-parent families with children under the age of 18, more than 80% were raised by single mothers. The role of a father is crucial, and I know plenty of amazing fathers. Children benefit from the presence of a father or father figure. Here is a short poem I wrote on the fatherhood. Although it’s impossible to sum up a father in a single poem, hopefully, I provided a glimpse into fatherhood.


A Father by Ipuna Black

Though I may not have all the riches in the world,

You will always have my word.

When your frail limbs feel too heavy to stand,

I will carry and protect you with every beat of my heart–

Never with an iron fist.

Call the slightest whisper of my name,

I promise to listen.



Doesn’t exist,

But still each day,

I strive to do better and better.






Look at my soul.





Whatever I may be,

You will know all of me.

A Few Quotes I Love from Men

On International Women’s Day, I provided quotes from influential women. Here are some quotes I love from men.



“Persistence overshadows even talent as the most valuable resource shaping the quality of life.” – Tony Robbins

John Green

CS Lewis


Quick Update

I participated in the Pitch Wars mentoring program. It was an AMAZING experience. I have made friends I hope to keep forever. They help me learn and grow. Revising a mansucript is NO joke! It’s so much work, but it is definitely rewarding and exciting uncovering your fossil of a book. I participated in #DVPit Twitter Pitch event in October. I’m happy with the results of the event. Now, I just wait for some answers. Stay tuned!

Collaboration with a Purpose

Here is the list of the other collaborators. Please stop by their blogs.



13 thoughts on “International Men’s Day: A Father

    1. Thank you, Barb! Pitch Wars sucked the life out of me for about a year! I had a revise and resubmit offer from a wonderful agent, so that took some time. Ultimately, I’ve learned and grown a ton this last year. Thank you! Your post was absolutely beautiful!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pitch Wars does sound grueling. I’ve had a few other friends do it, not as successfully as I think you did…but just doing any part of it, they said, was helpful to them.

        I’m very glad you did all that.

        Thank you again for the kind words. :blushing:


    1. Hi, Bernice! Thank you for stopping by! Pitch Wars was an AMAZING experience. It took a lot of my time, but I felt like I grew like crazy. I hope you are well! I’m hopping over to your blog now. Happy Thanksgiving!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I was so excited to see you back with an incredible post! Your poem was so beautiful and I am sure your father is proud! That is pretty exciting that you are participating in Pitch War. I am sure this is a great experience for you and I look forward to reading more about it! You my dear are a pretty amazing young lady and I can’t wait to read more of your posts!!


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