2017 Reflections

If you could look in the mirror at a 2017 version of yourself, what would you look like? One definition of reflection is “the production of an image by or as if by a mirror.”

Woman Looking At Self Reflection In Mirror..
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I think naturally we are hard on ourselves. We often reflect on all the “things” we have not accomplished. When we do this, we feel like we are never good enough or can’t achieve the big goals we want.

We all have different strengths. It’s important to recognize even our smallest accomplishments, like getting out of bed. I have friends who have muscular dystrophy, and it is painful for them to just get out of bed.  But getting out of bed is moving one step forward. Every goal and idea starts with the first step.

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Think about the steps you took in 2017 toward your goals. What did you achieve? What did you do? How did you change? I hope you are proud of your 2017 reflection in the mirror. We will never be perfect, but I hope the 2017 person in the mirror tried hard to do the best he/she could do. And that is enough and something to celebrate coming into 2018.

Collaboration with a Purpose

2017 has been an incredible year. Collaboration with a Purpose decided to write about what happened, what we achieved, what we did, and how we changed this year. That’s a lot! I’ll give a few brief points. I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to, but when I look myself in the mirror, I know I tried my hardest, and I’m proud of that!


  • Started blogging regularly. Met some great friends through it. Collaborated with other bloggers thanks to Tajwar starting Collaboration with a Purpose. Blogging a little less, but I’m still around.
  • Had a literary agent, but I needed a different fit. Honestly, my book wasn’t ready either.
  • Got into Pitch Wars, a writing competition to improve your manuscript and writing before submitting to literary agents. There were almost 3000 applicants for 180 spots! It has been an amazing experience!
  • My family has stayed healthy! Yes, that’s an achievement. Woooo hoooo!
  • Worked at two college nursing schools. Love teaching students.

How have I changed?  

My biggest goal I had for 2017 was to stay positive. Changing my attitude has made all the difference in my life. After my son, Jy, almost lost his life to encephalitis and Guillain-Barre Syndrome at the end of 2015, I’ve learned that there are many things in my life I can’t control. Therefore, instead of focusing on the things I can’t control, which leads to negativity, I have spent my energy on the silver lining in everything. I try not to stress about things and spend my energy on positive and productive endeavors. Being positive has been the best change for me in 2017. The law of attraction is true. I have attracted more positivity in my life by changing my attitude.

Thank you for reading. You have all blessed me with your energy over the last year!


Please take the time to read the rest of the posts below from inspirational fellow bloggers who reflected on 2017.


36 thoughts on “2017 Reflections

  1. Congrats Ipuna. It sounds like you’ve had a good year, not only accomplishing more of your goals, but learning to love and accept yourself. Learning to be gentle and compassionate with myself has been the hardest and most rewarding accomplishment for me.

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  2. Ipuna, it’s been a while. It was wonderful to read this post. I couldn’t agree with you more. I too have chosen years ago to focus on the positive and the more I do that, no matter what is going on around me, I don’t fall into despair. I have a bio sis who constantly sits on her computer to read about all the “bad” that is going on and one of the good things that came from my Mom’s death recently, we had a major falling out. Blessing! Her negativity and extremist attitudes are no longer invading my space and OH what JOY it is to even have more room to experience HAPPY. Much Love to you!!! 💝

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    1. Hi, AmyRose! 😄 I’ve noticed that removing yourself from negativity is helpful. There is enough negativity around that you don’t need it in your close circle. I’m glad you feel uplifted. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I know we get busy. That’s life! But I appreciate you stopping by. You are always a light.

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  3. Your experiences made me speechless. I haven’t been through what you’ve been through but whatever you’ve had, gave me extra strength. Moms are like that only, right? They always give extra power to do more.
    Love this article.
    Live well. 🙂

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  4. I’m so proud of you and Jy! That’s a whole of achievements and I love how you added family being healthy as one, which is certainly true! Hope we’ll have another great collaboration year in 2018. ❤

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  5. I enjoyed your post very much, Ipuna. And yes, you accomplished a great deal…the change in attitude is definitely a big part of that, but I think your overall nature of being a good and positive person has even more to do it. (I think if you weren’t overall a good and positive person, after going through what you went through with your son’s serious illness, it would’ve been much harder to find silver linings.)

    Can’t wait for our 2018 collaborations!

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  6. You are the real Wonder Woman! I am amazed how you can do a lot of things. You’re a mom, wife, friend, woman, teacher, and a writer. I am so happy for all your achievements. You have a good and big heart. I know God will be you more. God bless you and your family. Praying for Jy and his good health always.

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  7. Well done Ipuna! This is awesome. You achieved a lot. I have a similar focus in that I have been developing several projects last year including art projects- take a look at my blogs. I’ve also recently set up an Etsy site with my wife which is great.

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