Diversity: Kindness, Love, and Respect

As I had mentioned in a previous post, I’m half Puerto Rican and half Korean. Growing up in America as a biracial American was difficult. I struggled to know where I “fit in.” I didn’t look Hispanic, and I didn’t look Korean. I looked more Hawaiian or Filipino, but I wasn’t either . I could only speak English. We tend to gravitate toward people “like” us. It feels important to be part of something or some group. These are normal human longings. As I’ve matured into adulthood, I’ve learned I don’t need to fit into any box. Although no person looks exactly like me, I share many of the same attributes and body parts as all human beings.


I have hands to shake with to congratulate or thank another person. I can use my hands to help lift someone when he/she is down.

Helping hands


I have lips to smile with and open when I want to say kind words.



I have arms to hug a person after a bad day (or just give a hug for no reason at all).



I have fingers to write a thank you note or to cook someone a meal who needs it. (I don’t like to cook, so I have fingers to pull my credit card out to pay for a meal for someone else!)



I have a brain to help guide me in a positive direction.

Think Positive written on the paper on a wood background


I have a heart to feel empathy for those around me.


Kindness, Love, and Respect

There are many different religions, cultures, languages, countries, skin colors, and beliefs in this world. But we all have hands, lips, arms, fingers, a brain, and a heart to help us show kindness, love, and respect for our fellow human beings.

I’ve been blogging off and on for a few years now. I have met some talented bloggers from all over the world. People kill or hurt other humans for differences. I have met friends from all over the world with different religious preferences, skin color, and beliefs, but we all came together for this collaborative blog post out of kindness, love, and respect for one another.

Diversity is fascinating because no two people are alike. We can all gain insight from each other. Please take a moment to read the other blog posts on diversity from bloggers all over the world.

(Side note: Pitch Wars has been kicking my butt! I’ve never typed so much in my life! But I’m happy with the progress I have made on my manuscript! I’ll update more on this later. I hope you are all well!)

diversity love

Diversity in Culture and People as a Concept

Collaboration with a Purpose: Diversity

Sadaf Siddiqi (“The best thing about memories, is one doesn’t realize they are making memories but once recorded, it just rewinds and takes one back to the beautiful series of life.”) Sadaf couldn’t participate with us this time, but she created our picture for this post. Sadaf is a wise teacher with a heart of gold. Please check out her blog if you want to be inspired.



50 thoughts on “Diversity: Kindness, Love, and Respect

  1. This is beautiful Ipuna 🙂 If we would use all these parts like you presented them here, this world we share would be a wonderful place. So happy about your writing. LOL not because it is working you so much, of course, but because you are doing it, making it happen. Can’t wait for your future updates :):)

    Liked by 3 people

      1. You are most welcome. I read your pitch and the excpert and they are wonderful Ipuna 🙂 AND by the looks of the comments you have several people who are interested in your work, and working with you!!! This is so exciting Ipuna. What a blessing this whole journey is for you :):):)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Ipuna,

    you forget to mention your beautiful soul,a soul that unites all mentioned organs into one and which creates a one wonderful human being.You belong to a wonderful species like me, like everyone here and on our beautiful plane .Human species.You really are a bright example of our species.Please stay positive and best regards !

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ben! Of course, you would include the most important thing all humans share: a soul!!! I’m staying positive. The writing competition has tested that part of me, but we were born to succeed. Therefore, I will push forward!


  3. I agree with this awesome post! We all have the same lips to smile, arms to hug and everything, so it’s sad when people (and kids!) push away those who have a different look or skin colour than them. I’m glad to have joined this collaboration for the past few months as I got the opportunity to meet such positive people from different countries and cultures like yourself. ❤️
    And good luck once again with your writing! 📝💪🏻

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  4. Hi Ipuna! This is the kind of writing I wouldn’t want to miss, and this is only the first time I’ve stopped by here. I love it, it inspires me at the first sight. Reblog, so I have this writing in my own archive 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The struggles of “fitting in” are real! But as we grow old and mature, we learned that being different in a good way is better than fitting in. Indeed, our body parts were created for different purposes, but function as one. Good luck on your Pitch Wars. I know you’ve been really busy. Talk to you soon! Take care and regards to the family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well said, Mylene! Yes, I’ve been super busy. I just sent my book to agents. It’s a waiting game from here. We will see how it goes. I learned a ton in Pitch Wars. I hope you and your family are well! ❤️


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