Benefits of Imagination for Children and Adults

As a child, I was always a dreamer. I made up stories, people, words, and anything my mind would let me do. There are benefits of imagination for children, but what about for adults? If we can envision how we want our future, the chances increase that we will obtain it. Isn’t this imagination? I think it is.

3 Benefits of Imagination for Children

  1. Increase creativity
  2. Increase in language usage
  3. Increase in the ability to express positive and negative feelings and understand them better

3 Benefits of Imagination for Adults

  1. Visualize a better future
  2. Help you direct your subconscious in achieving a goal
  3. Can decrease pain and anxiety

Benefits of Imagination for Children and Adults

Why are children not as scared as adults to try new things or to learn a new language? They haven’t had the time to build the negative thoughts in their heads that remind them that they can’t do something. Adults have had years to build positive and negative information in our heads. Our subconscious minds use imagination and feeling to communicate. We can practice in our minds without actually completing an action. This is a positive experience for our minds.

The conscious mind is logical and is influenced by our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that are programmed. We can program positive beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors in our subconscious thoughts to help our conscious mind achieve our goals. Reprogramming our subconscious minds through imagination or visualization of where we see ourselves helps us to go beyond our limitations.

“Reprogramming old beliefs eliminates negative patterns. Although you still remember the negative event, the emotional response changes; the attachment you once had is essentially eliminated. When you change your belief you change your response to life and what you believe you can achieve.”

Imagine / Visualize

Who are you at the core? Are you that person today? If you don’t feel like you are, imagine who you want to be and never forget it. You will get there.

Have a wonderful day!

Lied Discovery Museum



I took my three younger children to the Lied Discovery Museum. They all used their imaginations, but my youngest daughter (4 years old), Kayzle, had the wildest imagination like always.




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62 thoughts on “Benefits of Imagination for Children and Adults

    1. Hi, John! I just posted my pictures for the post. Oops. It’s been a busy summer. I scheduled the post and forgot about it. Yikes! Yes, you are buried in your imagination! Isn’t it wonderful!!!

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    1. I scheduled that post without uploading my pictures. Oops. Fixed now! Thank you for stopping by. It’s been a crazy summer with the kids home. I haven’t blog hopped that much! I need to visit your blog, Sharon!

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          1. Ipuna it was a tip I took from Brigid at Watching the Daisies. I honestly had not thought of, but now I think it will be a regular summer breather for me. I also read a great article on whether to reblog or WordPress your article, pitfalls for both. I’ll try to link it soonest. Motherhood is calling.😃 And to reblog you hit your reblog button, can only be done one time though. 😉

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            1. Yes, please share it when you get a chance. I’ve seen some people posting stuff multiple times like for blog shares and to advertise a blog. There is a difference between reblog and WordPress? Interesting. I’ll have to read that link when you get a chance. Yes, nice breather for the summer! Thanks for the tip!

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  1. Kids never have that mind blocks.., hence they could easily build their own wild imaginary world… and when they grow up, their brains get programmed to this usual path as that of adults… the parents must have that wisdom to understand this and pay justice to their kids

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  2. True. There is no point of blaming the fruits if the tree is bad. I don’t know about it since I consider myself a very little kid, but I believe, kids can do anything. And if we take that mindset up as we grow up, we can do anything. Because once we think like kids, we stop limiting ourselves.
    Live well. Live fully.

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  3. Hi Ipuna,

    great post as always.Somehow, in one period of our life we stop dreaming, and the reality take us totally. Great people are great because they dream all life. And not only that, they turn their dreams into reality .We can be great if we keep the child in us our hole life.
    As Jesus said “Be like children”

    Thank you

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  4. “I want you to promise me one thing – never stop dreaming. Do not limit your imaginations, dream big. And work hard towards it. And you’ll get there.”
    That’s what Mom says she continuously told me when I was younger. That piece of advice is still having effect in my life now.

    Now, you’re also emphasizing on it, Sunshine. Great post. Moms Rock!

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  5. What an amazing post, I love it and I totally agree with all the stated benefits of imagination both in adults and children, but the benefit is unfathomable. Our lives evolves around our imaginations and it keeps us alive. Thanks for sharing Ipuna, stay blessed.

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  6. Awesome post as always, Ipuna! I did always have an active imagination when I was a kid, I played with toy cars and toy dinosaurs and Lego and made my own world on my desk. That’s how I started writing stories from age 10. 😆

    And your kids are super cute! ❤️

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  7. Didn’t Einstein say something like: logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will get you anywhere?

    I imagine myself as a strong, calm person who gets respect because she gives it.

    Now to stop myself from being angry at the online store that won’t send me my order, and I’ll actually, in practice, be all zen like that, haha.

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  8. Love the post. One does get caught up in their work and forgets to use our imagination. It’s still there. We just forget how to use it because we are so stressed out thinking of other things.

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