Chapter 5: Stuffed With Pills

As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, I worked with children involved in child abuse and/or sexual abuse. It was a difficult job, but it was real. I’m grateful for Paige for being strong enough to tell her story in hope of helping others. I had previously posted some resources for victims of abuse.

Paige Way

I was my mothers scapegoat. It was easier to blame me then to take any responsibility for all the troubles in her life:

Lived in poverty. No job. Mental health issues. Drank and smoked. Shut out her family. And-on-and-on.

My mother has Bipolar disorder and has been heavily medicated almost her entire life. As young as I can remember she also had me taking pills for Bipolar disorder. For the first few years I never saw a doctor, she diagnosed me herself. I am telling you, those pills messed me up, in fact I think they gave me Bipolar. I say that because when I went into foster care (Chapter still to come) and I wasn’t forced to take those medications anymore I was a completely different person.

Yes, forced. It didn’t take me long to realize that my mother was giving me half of her prescribed medications when…

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Stuffed With Pills

  1. Oh my! As a social worker myself, I am very compassionate towards others and I always cringe at stories like these! Talking about these things and raising awareness can be very therapeutic! We never know what a child or a person can be going through at home, thats why its so important to have positive interactions with others. Your smile or encouraging words could give them the strength to keep thriving! Thanks for sharing!

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