The Science Behind Passion: Don’t Give up

What is your passion? Passion is “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.” Are you letting anything hold you back from your passion? How does being passionate about what you do affect you? Here is a little science behind passion.

Science Behind Passion

  • Harmonious passion helps with psychological well-being through the repeated experience of positive emotions during task engagement.
  • The time we spend in activities we are passionate about brings worth to our lives.
  • If you pursue things you are passionate about, you are likely to be more positive, and your experiences will be more memorable.
Jy is in the green and white stripes.

Story on Passion

I had indicated previously that my son, Jy, suffered from Guillain-Barre Syndrome and encephalitis at the end of 2015 after receiving the flu mist. He was hospitalized for almost 2 months. He was in a coma and quadriplegic. Well, he is back to playing soccer. It hasn’t been the easiest road for him. In the past, he was used to scoring many goals and starting on his soccer team. A few weeks ago, his team made it to the championships. He played about three minutes in two games. I talked to him about possibly playing another sport because soccer was fast for his brain, and he’s not as coordinated or explosive as he used to be. Jy indicated that he didn’t want to quit. He wanted to keep at it. He plans to be better than he was before. This is going to be an uphill battle, but I was so proud of his determination. He is passionate about soccer and doesn’t plan to give up. If you are passionate about something, don’t give up! See where your passion takes you.

What about you?

Where are you spending your time? Are you making time for things that you are passionate about? Time flies by. Just take a moment to consider areas in your life you can let go and other meaningful activities you can add. Life is about balance. Make sure to not forget about your needs and passions.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by! Please comment if you have anything to share on passion!


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65 thoughts on “The Science Behind Passion: Don’t Give up

  1. Wow, your son sounds like he has his head in the right place. What a goal to set for someone so young and who has gone through so much. Also makes me feel better that I don’t get my children the flu shot/mist. I’m sorry to hear that this happened but so happy that he has persevered and is now working to build strength and get his full potential back again! What a brave soul! My passion is definitely gardening and nutrition. My true passions are things that I just do without hesitation; I just desire to do and learn about them because it is part of my nature. Thanks, as always, for the inspirational words Ipuna! ~Anne

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    1. That’s wonderful, Anne! I saw that you were able to teach some of your passion to your daughter and her class! That’s great! Yeah, we had a bad experience with the flu mist. It was taken off the market. I’m into health and wellness too. Since my son’s incident, I believe in a lot more homeopathic treatments as well. My biggest passion lately is creative fiction writing. It’s a nice escape. Thank you for you amazing comment. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Anne!

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  2. Your son is a very strong boy….and determined as well. The best part is that he does not really worry about future but wants to give the best…to be out there……You are for sure a proud parent. Congrats!! Love, Vannie.

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  3. Life is about living. If you aren’t engaging in your passion or even worse, haven’t found one, you’re probably not living. The science behind the passion great, but personal experiences bring the point home. Jy is and inspiration to us all. Had a great weekend, hope you did, too.

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    1. Thank you! Jy teaches me more about life than I think I can ever teach him. I appreciate your comment. The weekend went well. Much better than a car catching on fire the previous weekend. Ha ha.


    1. Thank you. We learn from our experiences, right? I needed to read your respect the process post. It was great! I notice that when I stop trying to plan everything and let things fall into place, I am less stressed out and things just work out.


  4. A true mark of a champion is he/she follows what his/her heart says. Passion comes from the heart. It doesn’t scream. It whispers. So, we have to listen it carefully otherwise we would be drifting around in wrong direction. I appreciate it. Thanks for sharing your feelings. Live well.

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  5. I think there is a fine line between being passionate and being miserable.
    I always be a very passionate person and I realize my passion my kind of poisoning me because how much I stay passionate about my goals, the reality of not reaching your goals make you miserable.

    I kind of give it up against life and just living whatever It gives to me now. And I think I am happier now.

    But I am glad It works for your son. I hope He is much better now.



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    1. Thank you for your input! You definitely don’t want to chase a dream if it is making you miserable. I think it’s important to stay positive and have hope for what you want, but continue to live life and watch how the universe unfolds. Thank you on my son too. He is doing well. He is improving all of the time.


  6. Your son is very inspirational! What a wonder to go through such a hardship at a young age like that and still have that much passion and commitment! I have always been very passionate about teaching. A few years ago I also realized I love writing, but was too afraid to put myself out there. I am still afraid, but I am trying to push through it anyways, thanks for your story!

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    1. Hello! Thank you on my son, Jy! Sorry for my late response. I have a post set to go live on Tuesday about him, but we had to travel to Primary Children’s Hospital in Utah for his Neuropsych evaluation. Therefore, I’m slow on responding back here in the WordPress world! I read your about me page! Wow! I love your background! I have a PhD in nursing. I love science, health, wellness, etc. I also love to write. I was shy about starting a blog, but I began posting more since January of 2017. I’m glad you are spreading your wings too. Nice to meet you! Jy is such an inspiration. His journey has taught me a lot about medicine, life, and determination. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I look forward to following yours as well! ❤️​

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    1. ☺️ I just read that on your blog! It’s been a journey for sure for my son why had GBS and encephalitis. Stay positive (like you are). And I wish you the best of health! Nice to meet you!


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