There Are Still Many Great People in This World

I was driving home on Father’s Day, 6-18-17, from a football camp at Northern Arizona University. I was in Boulder City, NV coming up a hill. I heard a pop, and my van wouldn’t accelerate. I have (really had!) a 2014 Honda Odyssey. I pulled over because I thought I had a flat tire. Smoke started coming out of my engine. I was driving with my teenage son, Kobi. We hopped out of the car, and within seconds, fire danced on the hood of my car! I wanted to grab my laptop and camera that were in the back of the car, but I was scared that the car would explode! I guess I’ve seen it on TV too much. Kobi and I backed away from the car, and luckily, we were five minutes away from the local fire department and police station.

It was 110 degrees outside!

There Are Still Many Great People in This World

By the time I had reached the back of my van, another car had pulled over already. The lady driving indicated that she was on the telephone with emergency dispatch. Several other people stopped to ask if we were okay. One woman brought Kobi and me cold Gatoroids.

The Boulder City Fire Department was at the scene within five minutes. They were able to recover my camera and laptop (that I’m typing on right now!). No one got hurt, except my white minivan. Oh well. She was just metal.

What? Yep. That happened.
That was my son’s pillow in the passenger chair!
Ribs from Chile’s is sitting in that white container on my daughter’s car seat. They were good! I was tempted to try them. They were probably warm again. I decided to pass.


I have always been known to be an overachiever, so when my van goes out, I have to go all out. Blow the thing up! 🔥 Seriously, it was kind of scary.

I’m thankful that there are still many great people in this world. Often, we hear about all of the horrible events that occur in this world, but it’s important to acknowledge the many kindhearted people who took time out of their busy day to offer us a Gatoraid or stop and call for help. I’m thankful that no one was injured. Yes, it’s inconvenient replacing a car that was pretty new, but it’s replaceable. People aren’t.  Kind hearts aren’t. My gratitude goes out to the people of Boulder City. There are still many great people in this world, and I was blessed by some of them over the weekend. Additionally, my neighbor let me borrow her car for the day while I straightened things out with car auto insurance.

I hope you all had less eventful weekends! Or if they were eventful, I hope they were full of fun and family time! Have a wonderful week (what’s left of it!). Do something kind for someone. It’ll go a long ways. ❤️


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63 thoughts on “There Are Still Many Great People in This World

  1. Oh, my ! So glad you are okay. You’re so right…the car can be replaced ! And I’m always happy to hear of the goodness of folks…strangers or friends. We need that ethic now, more than ever.

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  2. Ipuna, wow, thanking God you and Kobi are ok. What a blessing that you were able to get out safely, that there were so many willing to help, and that you are able to see the blessing in this. You could be mad, ranting, but you chose to see the good that was all around you while this was going on. God bless you and praying you find your new vehicle quickly. 🙂

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    1. It was a fluke. It was hot outside, but it shouldn’t happen to newer cars. The fire department said that sometimes pipes in the engine crack and gas leaks, which makes the engine catch on fire.

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  3. Wo! That is crazy Ipuna! My wife also has a Honda Odyssey, a 2016. I hope this isn’t a flaw with that model van. Good thing you got outta there quick. That was a smart move to not wait around grabbing belongings because you’re right, the whole van could’ve blown up if the fire reached the gas tank. Thank God everything is ok. Godbless.

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    1. Thank you! There was a recall on around 1 million Honda Odysseys between 2005-2010 because the fuel injector had a problem and was catching fire. I called Honda, and they just said that this was an exception type case, so hopefully, your van is A okay! Thanks for the kind words!

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  4. Heck, this must have been terrifying. I’m so glad you & Kobi are okay (though a little shook up I’d imagine!) – the metal is replaceable, you’re not. It’s so heartening to hear the kindness and quick responses of others though, including the rescue services and such a sweet neighbour you have too 🙂
    Caz x

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  5. I’m glad you’re both all right! It must have been a pretty scary sight, that flaming van. I hope your car insurance claim works out. 😀

    It’s really incredible how people actually stopped to help, kindness still exists in this world. ❤️

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  6. So nice to hear about the kindness of others. You’re right, there are many good people in the world. We become disillusioned with all the bad we hear about. It’s nice to be reminded that kindness can be found in strangers. Thankful that you and your children are okay!

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