Heart Beat Award- Spotlight Cheila

The lovely Anju created the Heart Beat Award to connect with the blogging community. I’m a nurse, so cheesy me liked the title of the award! Although we may not be close enough to each other in the blogging world to hear each other’s heartbeats, we can feel them through our words! ❤️ Check out Anju’s blog if you get a chance. She is happy! Here is a little bit about her:

“I believe in ….

• I believe in thoughtful conversations which can lift up me and my love ones not tear them down or me.

• I believe in comforting my friends and family by listening to them and giving my opinions.

• I believe in respect for all regardless of their religion, profession or their social status.

• I believe in sticking to your roots.

We all deserve a happy life!”


  • post the award on your blog
  • Mention creator of this award 
  • Mention who nominated you in your post
  • What your blog is about 

I wanted to pass this award to Cheila with Pink for Days.

Cheila is

  • The Godmother of blogging (per another blogger!)
  • Fun
  • Sweet
  • Connects with other bloggers

Here is a little bit about this tutor/teacher/student:

“This will be my creative and emotional outlet in many ways. So you will get all of me. Some days I’m happy and super productive and organized and high on energy and some days I’m just blah. On bad days I’m getting by, hour by hour, waiting to go home and crawl into bed. On really bad days, I don’t even get out of it. This is me, for now.”

Some of my favorite blog posts of hers:

Books I hope to read soon!

Pocket full of random #3 + Random photos

Things I want my friends to buy me for my birthday, now that I’m a Harry Potter fan…

❤️ If you don’t know Cheila already, please go check her out! She has the biggest heart! You will feel loved.

Have a wonderful day!


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26 thoughts on “Heart Beat Award- Spotlight Cheila

  1. Ipuna, I’m just so happy and honored! Thank you so much, I can’t believe you thought of me. I’ll happily carry on this award to someone else. Thank you so much for such kind words, you’re really sweet. I don’t know Anju’s blog but I’ll happily check it out. I’m always excited to meet someone new and she sounds lovely. Thank you so much, once again. Much love. Chey

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