You Are Beautiful Just the Way You Are

We all have a purpose, and we all have the opportunity to help another person. For those two reasons and much more, you are beautiful just the way you are. I love that Bruno Mars song, “Just the Way You Are.” It embraces the beauty that each of us possesses just the way we are. It’s important to always want to improve and try to better our lives, but we need to not do it to the extent of losing ourselves.

5 Reasons Why You Are Beautiful Just the Way You Are 

  1. There’s only one you. You bring a unique energy that no one else can. We are all made differently. Diversity is important.
  2. You love someone. There has to be at least one person who feels your love. That person and probably many people love you for you and need your love.
  3. Your smile. I haven’t seen one ugly smile yet. Even with missing or rotting teeth, a smile is contagious. A smile is beautiful and because you have one, so are you.
  4. Your talents. No one shares the exact same talents. Thank goodness for cooks and crafty people. I am definitely not either. You maybe that person who can play a beautiful song to warm someone’s heart. You maybe that person who writes a poem and brings tears to someone’s eyes. You do have talents. Share your beautiful talents.
  5. Physically, you are beautiful. It’s important to stay healthy, but don’t stress over trying to look “perfect.” None of us are perfect. If you are naturally a heavier person, don’t starve yourself trying to look like this.


Meet Ms. Pop Belly

My four-year-old daughter had a performance recently at her preschool. Her pose made her belly pop right out. It was the cutest thing to me. I’m sure she won’t think so as a teenager. She has always (in her four years…ha ha) been a bigger girl. Guess what? She is beautiful just the way she is. I have to keep her healthy of course, active, and eating well. But I never want her to think that she needs to be super skinny. Trying to get to that body image has its own problems. Teaching her confidence at a young age should supersede her worrying about her body image.

Ms. Pop Belly Kayzle. Cutie Pie.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Please remember to love your beautiful self! ❤️ I’ve met some amazing people through blogging. I know you are beautiful inside and out. ☀️


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107 thoughts on “You Are Beautiful Just the Way You Are

  1. This is such a beautiful, inspiring post.💗
    Your daughter is adorable, I think she’ll still like the picture as a teen☺️ my child pictures were a lot worse lol

    Liked by 7 people

  2. Second sentence after Meet Ms. Pop Belly.
    This is a very inspiring post, Sunshine. And I love that song too!!

    And OMG!! Kay’s picture is just sooo cute. I’m sure she’ll love it as a teen.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. “It’s important to always want to improve and try to better our lives, but we need to not do it to the extent of losing ourselves.”

    And Yes Ipuna, your daughter is really adorable and extra cute. 🙂
    Nice Blog & I loved it.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Awe, thank you, Sadaf! You are too sweet. I hope you are well. Have a wonderful weekend. We are looking at doing another blog collaboration. We plan to post July 5th. I’m not sure if you are too busy or staying on the low, but let me know if you want to participate. You can also go through Jane or Taj.

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  4. Love how you say it – that there’s only one us. One us with our strengths and skills, one personality with all the different quirks. Your daughter is very cute and she certainly does look confident – and likes dressing up. Hope she gets to have more fun with dance and performance soon 🙂

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Yes! We are all different and that’s perfectly okay and special.
      Thanks on my daughter. She had her end of the year preschool performance. She is confident for sure! That’s great, but her sassiness isn’t always. 😂


    1. Thank you, Andrea! She looks much better there than all stitched up! 😬​ You make me smile! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! ❤️​ (Hopefully, it’s not filled with grading papers!)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow what a inspiring post.. I love all the pints you have made.. you are such an inspiration for all of us for being positive..thank you so much for reminding all the good things.. your daughter is so beautiful and luck to have mom like you! If you don’t mind if I can share your post on my page so all of my friends can read your beautiful post? Plz let me know🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Anju, You can absolutely share my post. I truly appreciate it. Thanks on my daughter. ❤️ I hope that I can inspire others to be their best self. I don’t believe I had that kind of person in my life, so I hope to be that kind of person for others through my blog. Thanks for stopping by. It means a lot!

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  6. Did you ever see the movie Little Miss Sunshine? It’s dark to say the least (no pun intended but funny nonetheless), but there is an epic scene at the end that makes the whole thing worth it. Prior to that, the little girl is looking at herself in the mirror after seeing all these other glamorous girls. Her tummy is pooching out and she doesn’t look like a model. Of course she is gorgeous as she is, but your heart aches for her. You can feel the inadequacy. But I see that picture of your daughter, and I can feel her owning her awesomeness. That’s spectacular beyond words. I loved this post!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Great post!

    As a soft tissue specialist, movement analyst and performance coach who runs his own clinic, I commend your honesty and subject matter.

    I don’t often say this to many people and am not the type of person to usually comment. Spoken from the heart and you have my respect.

    I have a recent post you may enjoy called “I used to be a body builder, before I grew up,” it’s a 6000 word spiel, but it deals more with the clinical element of soft tissue principality, biotensegrity and psychology rather than the generic outlook of “fitness.”

    Give it a read some time if you are ever free. If you like it, if you agree with it, then let’s work on some online ideas together? I have a platform through my clinic and I’m looking for more people’s stories to be able to share for motivation, to help others.

    If not…then take care and keep doing you!

    From reading the comments on this feed you are obviously inspiring people, which inspires me.


    Liked by 1 person

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