Don’t Deviate from the Course of Your Goals

Do you get distracted easily? A phone call, an email, a text message, an emergency, a problem, etc. can all grab our attention. When this happens, the goals we had set out to accomplish in a day may not happen or can take much longer than anticipated. Of course, this is life, but what about our big goals. How many times do you deviate from the course to accomplishing your big goals just to later say I wish I would’ve done _____________ ? We will all deviate some from our course to achieving our goals because life doesn’t stop around us, but don’t deviate so far from the course of your goals that you can’t even see your goals anymore. You may never find your way back to your goals.

Disneyland and California Adventure

Good times! Midway Mania is at the left in the picture under the Paradise Pier.

My family just got back from Disneyland and California Adventure. One of my favorite rides at California Adventure is Midway Mania. My family always competes for the highest score. Unfortunately, my husband won every time. 😑 But I’m not a sore loser at all. No way. 😒 (Okay. Maybe just a little. I’m going to look up cheats in the future, so that I can win next time. I was close. But close still = a loss 👎 😢.)

When we rode Midway Mania, there is this trick that my teen told me about at the very end. There are three railroads and carts with targets keep coming at you. He said that you want to stick with one and keep shooting at it. As you keep hitting the targets on the one railroad, the target points increase. My son beat me the first time, but I beat him the second time 😎. I’m not bragging either. (Okay, maybe just a little.)

The first time I played Midway Mania on this trip, my eyes couldn’t help but notice the other targets with points falling off the railroads. I got distracted (or maybe greedy 😳 ), and I shot at all three targets because I wanted all the points. Well, you know how this story ends. The points on the one track never went higher, so I had to settle for getting the lower points even though I was shooting at targets on three different railroads. Therefore, I lost 😢.

Media credit: Disney Parks Blog
Media Credit: Mouse Planet

Don’t Deviate from the Course of Your Goals

What is the point of this story, and how does it relate to goals? We all have grand ambitions, but it’s difficult to achieve all of them at once. Imagine that at the end of each railroad is one of your goals. The harder you shoot at it or work on hitting each target, the higher the points go. Points are your skills and development toward that goal. The more you work on a goal and stay on the same railroad, the closer you will be to achieving it. If you get distracted and start spending your time on the other two tracks, you are getting further away from finishing any goal.

Media Credit: Think Link


Don’t be a sore loser like someone I know. (Wait a minute, that would be me!😳 ) Stay on track and don’t get easily distracted. Tackle one big goal at a time. If you spend most of your energy at getting better at a goal and staying on the railroad that leads to that goal, you are bound to reach the end of it, right? Therefore, you are bound to reach/achieve your goal. Don’t wish you would’ve done this or that…..Go do it! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ☀️. I’m going to find the cheats to the Midway Mania game so I’ll be ready next time! 😂



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57 thoughts on “Don’t Deviate from the Course of Your Goals

  1. Another excellent post, Sunshine. You’re right. You can always achieve more by staying focused. Doing a little bit of everything at the same thing doesn’t really result in much progress. You’ll always end up being a sore loser 😛 😛
    Good luck getting those cheats. Though, there’s a lot you can learn by OBSERVING your competitors 😉
    Have a happy weekend, hilarious M_ _.

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  2. Being focused is a key to anything in life. Some make a list of what they need to accomplish for the day. They cross it out on the list when the job is completed. I do this at times. It helps to stay focused. I taught school. My priorities had to be written down weekly. “Focus” is a good word for teachers, and students.

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  3. A very encouraging post, and the ‘moral’ of the story is so spot on. Nice cover image, looks a bit like how I do mine 🙂 Staying on track can be quite difficult, but once you know where you want to go and why, it can be a little easier to motivate yourself and stay on the path you need to be.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. All your words are so true! Thanks on the cover image. I’m trying different things out. It looks better on Pinterest with the words. I’m on the right track if my cover image looks similar to yours. Your site is amazing! 😀​

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  4. What a fab post! It is so easy to deviate from our goals when the busyness of life sometimes just seems to keep moving the target. Now I realise it’s not the busyness of life that’s moving the target, it’s my reaction to and ways of dealing with the busyness that creates the distraction. Good luck with the game 🙂

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                  1. Hey Ipuna! Sorry for the delay as I had squirrel syndrome and got distracted. 🐿🐿🐿
                    I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award, because your posts are so inspiring and bring sunshine. ☀️☀️☀️

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  5. Ipuna,

    great post.Lest traveled road is right road.In that road we come across on too many obstacles, on too much distractions.This is just s sing that we are on the right road .This is just a sing that we should not give up.

    Thank you

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  6. Ipuna,

    great post.Lest traveled road is right road.In that road we come across on too many obstacles, on too much distractions.This is just s sign that we are on the right road .This is just a sign that we should not give up.

    Thank you

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