Happy Mother’s Day! Mothers Come in Different Forms

Happy Mother’s Day (for those who celebrate it)! Who are we celebrating exactly with the Mother’s Day holiday? There are several definitions of a mother, but here are two: 1. “a female parent” and 2. “maternal tenderness or affection.” I don’t believe that just because a female fits definition #1, she provides definition #2. Mothers help raise children, and mothers come in different forms. Some children are not given the opportunity to be raised by their birth mothers, but this doesn’t mean that they weren’t blessed with a mothers in a different form.


Mothers Come in Different Forms

On this Mother’s Day, I want to acknowledge and wish mothers of all forms a Happy Mother’s Day. You all help raise our most precious gifts on Earth, children- our future.

  • Birth mother: You gave birth to your beloved child and you provide him/her with tenderness, affection, guidance, a home, and much more. Thank you for that.
  • Adoptive parents & step-parents: Just because you didn’t give birth to a child, doesn’t mean you can’t be a mother to one. Many children are raised by adoptive parents or step-parents who provide tenderness, affection, and guidance for a child. Thank you for that.
  • Teachers: Sometimes the only tenderness, affection, and guidance children receive are from their teachers. Thank you for that.
  • Single fathers: Sometimes there is no mother in the picture. The single father has to play the role of both mother and father. Thank you for that.
  • Anyone working in close contact with children (e.g., Boys and Girls Club, Big Brother Big Sister, church leaders, Coaches, etc.): You never know the impact you may have on a child’s future for the service you give him/her. You may be the only person who provides a child tenderness, affection, and guidance. Thank you for that.

Happy Mother’s Day 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers, regardless of how you became one. You impact the lives of children by providing tenderness, affection, and guidance (and much more!). Thank you for that! Children are our future. They can use all the positive influences they can get. Keep up the great work!

Please provide any comments you may have on Mother’s Day. Thank you! 💐🌼🌹🌺 


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39 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day! Mothers Come in Different Forms

          1. Back in my home country, we have the 4 generation of them with us. However, now they don’t work with us. Since we live abroad now.

            But whenever we go back. Some of them they come back to greet us. You give respect you get respect as simple and complex is that!

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      1. Yeah Ipuna ,some does not get great mother,some could not be mother at any cost…so u have very correctly tried to feel the voidness with your post….only very sensitive people can feel…rest all dont have time or are very selfish getting best mothers or becoming mothers….Thankz for sharing this lovely post

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