Hope: Cherish, Desire, Anticipate. Keep Moving Forward.

By definition, hope is “to cherish a desire with anticipation.” What a powerful word. There are three keywords that stand out to me in the hope definition: cherish, desire, and anticipation.


What does it mean to cherish something? I picture cherishing more than just “liking” something. To cherish is to hold near and dear to your heart. The actual definition of cherish is “to hold dear.”


Whoa! That’s a powerful word. I envision desire as a deep want. Something you absolutely cannot live without. (I desire caramel apples!) The actual definition of desire is to “long or hope for.”


Anticipation is that uneasy, yet wonderful, feeling of looking forward to something. You know that very first kiss! The tightness in the stomach. The gestures with the eyes, lips, and hands that all send out signals that say, “Lay one on me.” The definition of anticipation is “the act of looking forward; especially :  pleasurable expectation.”


Hope encompasses cherish, desire, and anticipation. It is a powerful word and feeling that can keep us going.

Story on Hope

When I worked in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), there was one patient I’ll never forget. (There are many patients I’ll never forget, but I want to talk about one that makes me think about hope.) We will call this patient C.J.

C.J. was a perfectly healthy teenager who came in with a cold. She had a difficult time breathing. She was admitted to the general pediatric unit but was transferred to the PICU pretty quickly. Her ability to breath went downhill. We had to intubate her in the PICU and put her on the ventilator to help her breath. She needed a chest tube to drain some fluid from her lungs. She was hospitalized for about two months. Her lungs kept getting worse, and eventually, she needed FIVE chest tubes. I had no idea this was possible.

The night we put in the fifth chest tube, I had to call her mother and tell her to come in and say goodbye to her daughter. We didn’t think she would make it until the next morning. The mother came in well composed. She told me that she had prayed for C.J., and she knew C.J. was going to live. The staff tried to prepare the mother for C.J.’s death. They wanted to soften the blow of losing a child. The mother held steadfastly. She had hope and knew C.J. would live. She didn’t shed a tear. She didn’t call her family. She hung on to hope. She cherished her daughter and desired and anticipated that C.J. would live. That’s hope.

C.J. lived! She walked out of the hospital. A year later she shadowed me at the hospital for career day. She wanted to work in medical profession after her experience.

Hope is powerful. I truly believe that the hope of C.J.’s mother absolutely played a role in C.J.’s recovery.

I’m definitely not saying that people die only if there is no hope. We don’t have control over most deaths. I just believe that hope is powerful and sometimes it’s the only thing we have to keep us propelling forward.

Do You Have Hope?

No person walks through this world without a trial. Some trials are harder than others. Are you looking for a job, fighting an illness, trying to get into a school, etc.? Cherish and desire your goal while you anticipate it happening. Let hope push you forward. The definition of hopeless is “having no expectation of good or success.” You are stagnant without hope. Stagnant indicates that you are not moving forward. You can’t get anywhere unless you move.

Move! And let hope walk with you!

Pic credit: Things that Matter


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28 thoughts on “Hope: Cherish, Desire, Anticipate. Keep Moving Forward.

  1. Ipuna,

    what a great post.It is all connected in life. It is possible to heal someone with your prayer because you emit energy directed toward someone. You do not even have to be on the same continent.Energy has no boundaries, no beginning and no end. In all in what we are willing to believe that will happened to us. C.J. is a great example for that.Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s a touching story; I’m glad CJ made it through and even joined the medical profession after that. Hope is indeed an incredible thing! I don’t have a story of my own to tell, though I do love stories that end with hope for the future, even with a “world is ending” plot. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This case of CJ’s and her mother is another definition of hope. Her mother’s courage to be optimistic in the face of such adversity was impeccable and her mother’s composure and attitude toward her child’s condition is resilient in its raw definition.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have a love-hate relationship with hope. I need it to keep me going, but I am often scared it’ll make me unrealistic. There’s the catch for me. Then again, someone once said: “Expect nothing and hope for the best” and that sounds so wise I can’t do anything but agree.

    Liked by 1 person

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