Positivity: We Never Know Which Lives We Influence #SpreadSmiles

I was asked by Mahriya with MyBookyLife to participate in a spreading positivity and smiles post. This great positivity #SpreadSmiles idea originated from Sasha @ The Stylish Dreamer. It is a contest. You can enter here, but I am not concerned with winning anything. I am super excited about sharing positivity and smiles any chance I get. Therefore, I said, “Heck yeah I’ll post something on positivity!” Hence, the birth of this post! I decided to contribute a short fiction writing piece.

Influences to My College Scholarship Journey

My soccer coach speaks, but I hear nothing. I wipe my hands on my slacks and take a few deep breaths in.

Colton nudges me. I didn’t hear my name called. I walk to the front in what feels like quicksand as all eyes are on me.

I thank my coach and look at the crowd. My teammates. Reporters. Fans. All the support I can ask for, except my family.

“My soccer journey started when I was a skinny, clumsy little thing,” I say.

“You still are,” someone shouts from the crowd.

Everyone laughs. I’m too nervous to figure out who said it.

I smile and continue, “Colton shared his soccer ball with me at the park close to our homes. A secret person donated money for me to play soccer and get a soccer uniform. Parents from the soccer team took turns giving me rides to practices and games. If I scored a goal, I heard all of your voices.” I point to my teammates and their parents.

“I never once had a parent at my games, but I never felt alone. I looked up the definition of a family. There are a few. Here’s one. ‘A social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for.’ You are all my family.” I look at my teammates and their parents again. I promised myself that I’d stay strong during my speech. I had won after all. This is a day of celebrating.

“Over the years, all I cared about was getting better at soccer. I practiced and practiced and practiced. It kept my mind busy, and I had a goal of getting a college scholarship. I was doing great until my dad went to prison. He was the provider for our home. He worked all the time. My mom was an alcoholic who stayed in bed most days. After Dad had gone to prison, she added drugs, more sleep, and abuse. I was at a breaking point. I wanted to die.” I exhale. Silence absorbs the room.

“A few things happened at school that kept me going. Mr. Swint told me that I was a great student. Classmates asked me about soccer. People I didn’t even know smiled at me in the hallways. Then, there was soccer. The rides continued. Many of you told me you were sorry to hear about my father. All of you treated me the same and continued to push me hard.” I rub my hands together and take a moment to gather my thoughts.

“Although I felt invisible in my house, I was like a neon sign outside my home, attracting everything that I needed to get me here today. My journey isn’t a sad story. It’s one filled with hope. I can’t take credit for my soccer scholarship to Standford. You all earned this scholarship.” I hold the attention from my teammates and their parents. “I promise to make you all proud. All of the thank you’s in the world would never be enough to show my gratitude to all of you.”

Take Home Message: We Never Know Which Lives We Influence

Although this is a fictitious story, many elements of it occur every day.

Every day you come in contact with many people. You have a chance to influence each and every one of them. Be generous with your smiles, hugs, words of encouragement, and love. You never know the impact you may have on the lives of others. Be positive. #SpreadSmiles 😀 ❤️

Positive Blogs

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60 thoughts on “Positivity: We Never Know Which Lives We Influence #SpreadSmiles

  1. What a great post Ipuna. The story is touching and it’s portrays the common life pattern and scenario of a person from an average family. Family is everything and I make new family anywhere I found myself. Such is life, we just have to be optimistic and spread positivity wherever we found ourselves in life.

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    1. Thank you, Mahriya! Your words mean a lot to me. I tried to make it special because you tagged me. It took brain power. Ha ha. I’m very grateful you tagged me. My next post will be the writing one. I’m excited about that tag too. I’m just a little behind. Slacker. 😬​

      Liked by 2 people

  2. It’s true. You never know what you do, like a smile, or compliment, that totally has a profound effect on someone else. Something so little for you can be huge for someone receiving it. Great story Ipuna 🙂

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  3. You are such a beautiful human being Ipuna. Not to forget how educated you are. You are someone I look upto. And I pray that I become someone like you later in life. This post is as amazing as You always write. Thanks for mentioning my name here. ♡♡

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Hi Ipuna,

    thank you so much for your mention my name in your great post.
    You are sharing positive energy over the globe, and you attract only positive bloggers in your life.
    And we are the average of the five people with which we are surrounded

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. I feel blessed by the bloggers and readers that have come into my life. Positive energy for sure, and I LOVE all of it! Keep it coming! ☀️​ And we are the average of the five people with which we are surrounded. I LOVE this!

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  5. Oh, wow, what a coincidence! Today I posted a (real) mini-story about how being positive can make a difference ( https://storiesofahsi.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/how-being-positive-can-make-a-difference-a-mini-story/) before catching up on reading from the last couple of days and I saw this! Synchronicity, perhaps? 😝

    This is such a great post! Though the story is fictional, it’s touching and thought-provoking at the same time. Even if we don’t often receive feedback for being positive, we’re definitely making a difference in someone’s life, whether big or small. ❤

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Thanks for the link! I linked to your post from mine too, and I agree about making little difference too. I’m still feeling the “Wow! What synchronicity!” effect even though the day is almost over. 😛

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  6. Oh, wow, what a coincidence! Today I posted a (real) mini-story about how being positive can make a difference before catching up on reading from the last couple of days and I saw this! Synchronicity, perhaps? 😝

    This is such a great post! Though the story is fictional, it’s touching and thought-provoking at the same time. Even if we don’t often receive feedback for being positive, we’re definitely making a difference in someone’s life, whether big or small. ❤

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  7. Ipuna first I congratulate for the new design of your blog, its looking gorgeous. First I was surprised why it was asking my details like email etc.. then I clicked on the ‘close’ for me to open, it was as if to enter a Kingdom of Smiles and Inspiration. Hahaha

    Your below message stunned me and made me think how and when did I ……..
    “Take Home Message: We Never Know Which Lives We Influence”
    this is just beautiful and I whole heatedly agree to it…..Yes we never know …..so we have to be cautious and responsible when we act…..it may spread smiles or … and Positivity or ….
    Ipuna you just came and went to sleep I suppose after putting your message about this ping-back on my Post “I & Life Fight; Peacefully” . Your comment on that shall be waiting…I am happy to say it has generated lot of smiles and positivity . I put here the link of that post for your readers, as it may give some smiles to thew too….and Why, How we fight with life…..
    Have a nice week end, by the time you start I would have finished….but still Ipuna…..life goes like this….

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    1. Hi, Shiva! Thank you. Yes, it was super late when I was adding your blog to my positive list. 🙂 Yes, I have a pop up to be added to my email, but I thought it stopped working. Hmmm. Not sure on that. Thank you on the blog design. I owe all the credit to Mahriya. https://mybookylife.wordpress.com/
      Thanks for the link to your latest post. I will give my feedback soon. Always nice to have you pop in!

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  8. Thank you, Ipuna, for the link. For many years I have been bringing messages to Petals of positivity and Love and so much more. Lately, I have been guided to relay no matter what we see in this world we always have a choice to choose Love and Kindness. I like the post you chose to link here because it shows from my own life, with a small gesture (which is all it takes sometimes) we have begun change for the better. And how desperately this world needs that!! Have a Blessed Sunday!! ❤

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    1. Amy, You are share so much positvity and love to all of your readers. You were one of the first person to show me some positivity and love. I’ll always remember that. ❤️​ You are a mentor to me for sure. I love your light. I love that we have a “choice to choose Love and Kindness.” This is the best message for the day! Have a wonderful Sunday as well!

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      1. Yes since she was six she’s been competing in gymnastics. I was shocked when a coach stopped me to ask if she can compete. Ha. Little did I know. Kids gravitate towards what they love. I believe in nurturing that–even when they love all things cars, monster trucks and so on. I went to my first monster truck show! It’s great your kids are into sports; it definitely helps them learn commitment and hard work at an early age. I’m a big advocate that kids should be involved in something–if possible. I know these activities are pricey for many.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes! I agree 100%. Nurture what they love. It takes trying many things to find it, but it’s magical when they do. Commitment and hard work are great qualities that sport teaches. I like to keep my kids busy and well-rounded if possible.

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    1. Mylene, Thank you! I appreciate that very much. I do I have a big heart, and I’m grateful for it. I with you and your family wonderful blessings of life as well. ❤️​ You love your sis and niece like no other. That is special.

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  9. Wow this is amazing. I wrote a similar post called Mind Over Matter. Attracting the positive changes/influences your life. And a fellow blogger though it would be great to reblog that and use that to promote world peace. So we are trying to do that.

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