Leave Regret Behind and Create Your Future

Do you live with regret?

I once had someone ask me if I regretted anything in my past. My initial response was to list everything that I thought had gone wrong in my life. After digesting the question, I realized that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my past. Therefore, I don’t regret my past. Instead, I learn from it and create my future. Here are 5 tips on leaving regret behind and creating your future.

5 Tips to Leave Regret Behind and Create Your Future

  1. Learn from your past. The worst thing you could do is be that hamster on a wheel spinning over and over again in a world of misery based on your choices. With every situation we encounter, we are faced with a choice. We don’t always make the right choice. We are human after all. Learn from your poor choices and make better choices in the future. Don’t keep repeating the same mistakes because guess what? You will end up down the same path. And you will continue to walk down the path of regret. Make an about-face and choose a different path that will lead you to happiness.
  2. Acknowledge how far you’ve come. Don’t beat yourself up. That’s wasted energy. We take action based on how we feel. Giving yourself credit for the little successes in life (getting dressed in the morning, applying for a job, feeding your kids, smiling at someone) carries a large amount of weight. This is positive energy that uplifts us. The day doesn’t seem so dreary. If we are feeling positive about our little steps, we can take bigger steps.
  3. Acknowledge the blessings you have in your life now. It’s easy to focus on all the “have nots” or missed opportunities. Trust me. There are plenty of other opportunities if you choose to pursue them. Be grateful for what you have. There will always be others who have more and less. If we are content with what we already have, this allows us to not have this anxious feeling of being without. With a positive feeling, we can take the steps toward more.
  4. Look forward not backward. Learn from your past but don’t live in the past. Spend your energy in the now and planning your future. Denzel Washington gave an inspirational speech at Penn’s graduation on Fall Forward. The YouTube synopsis is worth 4 minutes.
  5. Remember, life isn’t over. Set goals for your future. So things happened in your past that you aren’t thrilled with. Be sad. Cry. Do whatever you have to do to deal with it. I was a single mother at 21 years old at the end of my Bachelor’s degree program. I was upset at myself for being in that situation. I would look around and see other families, and it was difficult doing everything with my son alone. I cried. I was sad. I felt empty. Guess what? That part of my life did not stop me. My son needed my positive energy. I needed to look forward. And I did. I set goals so that I could financially support him and made decisions to create my future. You can do the same. Live your life! Your past doesn’t have to define you. Regret is negative energy. Shove it aside. Hang on to hope. Hope is a nicer friend.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know any of your experiences you have had with regret.

(Picture above is from Sunset Park in Las Vegas, NV.)

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45 thoughts on “Leave Regret Behind and Create Your Future

  1. Honestly speaking I was waiting to read an inspiring post from you ma’am. I have learned in life that a person who experiences something has the best explanation to it. This is why your posts are so special.
    A few days ago I was telling an uncle that I didn’t sleep well the previous night because I had a lot to study and I was scared of the teacher.
    He told me that we should never worry about what’s coming and what has happened. Do the wake up in the morning feeling bad and desserted for the day. Smile and say, “I’m alive and this is gonna be a great day. Dream of your future and surround yourself with positivity.
    Those words really moved me and your post felt as if I was reliving that moment! Thanks for sharing ma’am.

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    1. Jothish, You are too nice! Thank you. I love the knowledge I have learned from school, but it can’t beat what I have learned in my personal life. The combination of the two is insightful I hope.
      Lately, I haven’t experienced stress or worry. I usually always experience it. I’ve tried to stay calm. Place my energy on what I can control and have faith that everything will work out. Stress or worry doesn’t make me productive. Positive energy does. Thank you for your lovely comment as always! Have a wonderful day, Jothish!

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  2. Great action oriented post, Ipuna. I think every human can relate to the ups and downs. It’s how we handle them that counts. The Denzel piece is priceless. Thank you.

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  3. It is so true that when someone asks if there is any regret, we start to list them quickly in our minds. As you said, these experiences are what drove us to become the person today. Thanks for sharing such great tips. Great post! Have a wonderful week.

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    1. I’ve missed you! You’re back! Life is crazy, huh? I liked your post on music. My son actually did Tomatis, a type of music therapy, as part of his rehab after he had encephalitis. It really helped with his emotions. I hope you are well!

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Thank you! That was super scary. We have had a TON of therapy. He’s still not 100%, but we are trucking along. Getting better with time. Just lucky to have him back! So glad for my medical background!!! Thank you for thinking about us during that rough time!!! Take care as well! ❤️​

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  4. “Hope is a nicer friend.” That’s a wonderful way to put it.
    Regret can be a powerful poison, sadly… your post was like the prescription for an antidote. 🙂

    Thank you very much, Ipuna — this was something I needed to hear right now. 🙂

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  5. I have always been setting goals for the future! The part of the past that’s the most hard for me to leave behind is certain friends. I moved years ago and rarely get to see many of my friends anymore, and I’ve lost some completely. I always goal set to make new friends! It’s not the same… but it’s what I have. Life is ever changing.

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    1. It is hard leaving friends. That is tough. It’s hard when people just “get” you, and then, you have to start over! Sorry to hear. I’m glad you have goals to meat new ones. I’ve actually met some amazing people since I’ve been blogging and interacting at the start of the new year. And you are so right, life is ever changing. We have to adjust with it. It’s definitely not easy, but we grow when we are uncomfortable. I hope you meet so good friends at your new please. We only need 1 or 2 sometimes, right?

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      1. This is all true. The wonderful thing about my friends that are farther away, they are all close friends who will always try to get together when we can. Also, we live less than 3 hours away from each other, so it’s not bad. But local friends would be great. But I appreciate the people in my life, especially my husband. When I think about it, it’s even hard for us to spend enough time together, with our jobs! So that’s life right now. Just keep making friends and staying positive 😀 Thank you for all your well-wishes!

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  6. Such an inspirational post! I definitely have regret in life. I regret not going to school for something I truly loved because I was worried about having guaranteed health insurance for my Type 1 Diabetes. I regret not taking better care of myself over the past few years and gaining so much weight, but I am setting goals for the future and looking forward to working on my health at home (thanks to my amazing husband for supporting me in quitting my job) and eventually going back to school to do something I actually want to do!

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    1. You will get there. All wonderful goals. You are never to old to get your degree. Losing weight isn’t easy, but it starts with one goal at a time. And Type 1 Diabetes! My best friend has that. It’s not an easy disease to live with, but you plug along because you have no choice. We don’t get to choose our trials, but we can choose how we handle them. So glad you have a supportive hubby too. ❤️​

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  7. Great tips! Letting go of the past is always hard especially when it is something we are not proud of or even ashamed of. You really have to be able to accept what’s done is done no amount of dwelling can erase what has been done so the best is to leave it behind and keep moving!

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  8. Your so amazing! Thank you so much for this blog post! I too used to regret and live in my past, but I stopped looking behind me and started looking in front of me. This post made me truly realize how far I have come! Thank you again!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That means a lot to me! I did the same thing. I was a single mom, broke, and trying to get through college. I thought I had failed, and I worried that I’d drag my son down too. I had to dig deep to pull myself out of that rut. I planned my future and had to let go of what already happened. There was nothing I could do about it. Thank you for reading. You made my day! ❤️


  9. I deal with a lot of regret, but I guess a lot of it also stems from things not done, rather than things that have happened. Brilliant post, thank you for sharing! Really good to have found your blog too, have followed so I can read more 🙂


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    1. We can’t beat ourselves up for not being able to do it all. I have realized that too. I’ve been known to do that to myself. We do the best we can while we balance our plate with our responsibilities. Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog too. Right up my alley. I will subscribe as well! ❤️​


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