Are You Good Enough?


In this technology era we live in, where there is instant access to social media, texting, images, and anything you can get your hands on, it’s easy to compare yourself to others. Your head can race with questions making you wonder: Are you good enough?

  • Do I look like that airbrushed model who is as skinny as a noodle?
  • Did anyone unfriend me on social media?
  • Is my writing good enough?
  • Is my dancing good enough?
  • Are my grades good enough?
  • Why is my ex-boyfriend taking pictures with my best friend and posting it on Instagram?
  • Why wasn’t I invited to that party or event?
  • Why did this girl get more comments or likes than me?
  • Why doesn’t this guy like me?
  • Why did that person get the job I wanted?
  • Why?
  • Why?
  • Why?
  • Why?

Do you look exactly like anyone else? Even twins don’t look exactly alike. We are an array of flavors in the inside as well. Every single person is unique on the outside and equally as different within. Embrace your individuality.

All the questions listed above are external forces that tear us down and often are out of our control. These external forces can break down one’s self-esteem, and that’s when one may wonder: Am I good enough? But external forces do not define us. These forces mock us. Whisper in our ears, causing fear to choke us until we are too timid to shine.

What internal forces act on us? Our core values, goals, dreams, passions, and ambitions all come from within our unique selves. Because you are you and you add the only you to this world, you are ABSOLUTELY good enough. Additionally, you are the perfect flavor needed to make one person smile or laugh or cry or love. And that’s enough. ❤️ Let your light shine 💡.

Image: Pixabay

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20 thoughts on “Are You Good Enough?

  1. Great post! It’s so wonderfully positive, I love it.
    But why would my boyfriend be taking pictures with my best friend and posting it on Instagram? Where was I? Why wasn’t I invited? Since when did they become friends?
    Lol, I know that’s not the point of the post but I have to wonder.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😂​ Jemima! You are so right! That was supposed to be ex-boyfriend. I guess if your boyfriend was acting like that, he would be your ex-boyfriend who could hang out with your new ex-best friend. Thanks for reading and wondering. I need to post when I’m more awake. 🙊​

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Ipuna,

    great questions. I think we have a lot of quasi-experts from different fields,and most of the people are trust them. They judge us, our clothing, our behavior.
    I agree with in all.We are all great and unique.We are the best.Those who really pay attention to those “experts”, they will never be free 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love it, Ben. Free! What a wonderful feeling. Lately, I’ve been free from stress since I’ve talked with you. Not because I don’t have any, I just haven’t reacted to situations. Therefore, I don’t escalate to stress!


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