Positive New Year

positive-attitude-new-yearIt’s only 1-6-17, and how many new year goals have you broken already? Ha ha. I won’t tell on myself, but change isn’t always easy. I think having a positive attitude makes a big difference when setting goals. There are two videos (see below) I watched that I liked because the women gave simple tips for the New Year. I’ll add that I try and think positive thoughts when I run. It helps clear my head and get me in the right frame of mind for the day. Do you have any tricks you use to keep a positive attitude or any tips for the New Year?

Kristina Kuzmic: Click Here

Michelle Paradise: Click Here

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7 thoughts on “Positive New Year

  1. I try not to have resolutions for the new year, instead trying to focus on something for a day or a week at a time. Some weeks I can manage, others I can’t. And that way, I don’t have to promise myself an entire year or permanent change.

    As far as staying positive goes, I think it’s also important to be gentle with yourself. Even if you don’t keep a promise to yourself, the world won’t stop spinning. There’s nothing wrong with setting a new goal and remembering that if everything was easy, it wouldn’t always be worth doing.

    Great post and video!


    1. Hello, Matthew!
      Thank you! You bring up some great points! I like the little steps you mention. That makes goals easier to swallow. Steps in the right direction. I like your comment, “I don’t have to promise myself an entire year of permanent change.” That’s so true.
      I agree with the being gentle with ourselves. We are the hardest on ourselves I think! The quote of the day, “If everything was easy, it wouldn’t always be worth doing.” WELL SAID!!! 👍​

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