Blacks and Minorities Can Overcome Statistics

My oldest son, Kobi, talked to me about the Texas police shootings first thing this morning. This made me reflect on the situation.

The odds are not in favor for Blacks, Hispanics, or minorities in general, but this doesn’t mean we have to keep adding to the statistics. Create your future. Overcome the odds. Violence against violence is not the answer. I beat many odds to get my PhD. It wasn’t easy, but I’m glad I took that road instead of many other roads that would have led me to become another statistic.

About half of all gang members are black or Hispanic.

On average over 4000 black men are killed by black men annually.

In 2015, 33% of African-American and 23 % Latino adults had at least a 2-year college degree compared to 47% of whites.

7 thoughts on “Blacks and Minorities Can Overcome Statistics

  1. Love this video. I’m going to send it to my son in college and let my daughter view it too. You are so right, we have to go out and make things happen. I recently asked my daughter if the counselors at school talked to her about college, she said no they haven’t. We have had parent meetings and the counselor’s claim they call each individual student in and discuss their college plan; yet they haven’t called my daughter in and she’s a sophomore so I feel there’s a little bit of discrimination there as well. We, as parents, have to follow up an advocate for our kids thanks for your words God bless you

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    1. Thank you for responding to this!!!! YES! You are so correct! I’m half Puerto Rican and half Korean. In my junior year of high school, we had to meet with our high school “counselors” and get “guidance” about our future plans. My counselor asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had told her a doctor. She said, “College isn’t for everyone. Get a vocation.” That was it! No help with my college application. No help with scholarships. Door shut. What??? Well, I went to the library and looked up how to go to apply to college and scholarships. The librarian became my mentor. I spent my lunch hours in the library to get ahead. And guess what? The rest is history. I didn’t become a physician, but I have a PhD in Nursing. I’m still a doctor. College is for everyone if you have the grit to pursue it. Minorities are still low in numbers in college. We don’t have to fit that statistics. We can go to college if we want to. I’ll write a post on this. You got me all worked up! I hope I can give some guidance to your kids shooting for their dreams. That was the point of my blog initially! For teens like me who had minimal guidance. They are lucky to have a mother like you! ❤️

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      1. Thank you Ipuna for the reply. WOW, God is good. I absolutely love reading your blogs. I coaxed both of my kids to listen to your video in reference to the story above. I paid by son $25 and my daughter $20, simply because I thought that would be an incentive and I believe it had words that would jump out at them. My daughter saw me wathing one of your other videos and guess what her take-away was….”Koby.” OMG, she said, “He is so fine.” Wow, kids. My daughter’s website is: she’s a model and an actress. Anyway, I won’t keep you. You are inspiring me to do more. I partially finished school a couple semesters ago. I got my AAT (Teaching) I’ve helped my son BIG time. He is so grateful because a lot of moms/parents don’t help the kids in college. Our kids are truly lucky and blessed. Talk soon XX

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        1. Ha ha ha! You are too funny Good for you for helping your kids! I’m happy you are deciding to go back to school too! Kobi that one is handsome. He’s a good kid. Your daughter is gorgeous too! ❤️​ Thanks for checking in again! We will be in touch!

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