Happy Nurses Week


Angel nurse
Happy Nurses Week



May 6-12, 2016 was Nurses Week. How has being a nurse influenced my writing?

When nurses go to work, we don’t just clock in and out and go through the motions of our job. We are given the great responsibility to intimately care for the sick. Often the most important aspect of our job is not to chart or pass out medications; it is to listen, bring a warm drink, hold a crying baby while his parents are in jail, or rub a child’s hair until she falls asleep. We dedicate more than our time to our patients. We dedicate our souls. We laugh, cry, and get angry with our patients. We often feel what our patients and family feel.

With writing, I have to write from within my soul, or it will just come out as words. I need to understand my characters and feel with them.

Additionally, I’ve seen circumstances while caring for pediatric patients and their families that I couldn’t even dream of. These situations help me to attempt to understand the different trials that others endure. Often these amazing or horrific situations stick with me, and they move me in such a way that bits and pieces of them flow through me and into stories.

All of us go through experiences that mold and shape us into the individuals we are today. These diverse experiences always reside somewhere within us, and as a writer, you never know when they will come out in some form in a story. But we all live through trials and learn and grow from them. We also learn and grow from watching or reading about the trials of others.

How have your experiences or work made you who you are today?



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