You Know You Are A Nerd When…

  • You come to the library before it opens, and you’re more excited about getting inside than you are for a Black Friday sale.


IMG_1242 (1)
“Open, open, open”


  • You race to your favorite seat because there is something special that happens there.


  • You feel like you are in your own world either with a new book in your hand or through your writing.
  • You hope no one else sits that close to you because you love your lighting and your serenity.


  • You are okay with having your nose in your books or computer. (Bell turned out alright from Beauty and the Beast, right?)

This is me today. Please tell me I’m not the only nerd out there. (Well, there were lots of people anxiously waiting to get inside the library doors, so I think I’m not alone!)

On to writing! I received approval to move forward with my edits to my YA manuscript from my editor. Yeah! Time to escape to my little world. I look forward to peeking in on many of your worlds soon as well!


8 thoughts on “You Know You Are A Nerd When…

  1. That’s fantastic news.
    Much has happened on my blog since you visited last.
    I want you there to see and read.
    As you are my old friend in the blogosphere.
    Otherwise how are things with you and your Good Son.


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