Writing Update

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It has been a crazy end of 2015. My seven-year-old son was hospitalized with encephalitis and Guillain Barre after receiving the flu mist. He has had it before, but it is a VERY RARE complication. It was an emotional roller coaster that put my writing on hold, but I came back strong in the new year. My YA book is with a wonderful editor. We are working on it intimately together. I also started a website: http://www.healthykidsplay.com/

I have a passion for health and wellness for children after working in the area of pediatric nursing for 15 years. After my son’s hospitalization and continued healing process, I decided that it was time to start the website.

2016 has started out to be a promising year for me, and I really hope all of your dreams and ambitions come true this year. Even if they all don’t, I believe even one step in the direction of your passion is an accomplishment. I look forward to reconnecting with many of you, my creative friends!

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