Talent and Passion

Media credit: http://www.itzikamiel.com/how-important-is-passion-for-networking-5-ideas-2/
Media credit: http://www.itzikamiel.com/how-important-is-passion-for-networking-5-ideas-2/

Have you ever met anyone who is naturally gifted in an area (e.g., athletic) but doesn’t have any passion when they do it (e.g., play a sport)? You see glimpses of greatness which soon fades.

On the other hand, have you ever met anyone who is not naturally gifted, but has the passion the size of the universe? I think of the movie Rudy.

Credit: http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/rudy-1993

Which would you rather have? Talent or passion?

I believe when we are passionate about something, the talent will rise. You can’t put that much positive energy into something and not get better. You may never be the best, but isn’t there always someone who is better than you at something? We only improve if we have the next step/goal/person to look up to.

In this competitive world, it’s very easy to give up and feel that you may not be good/talented enough. But I believe that as you take one step (that’s all you need is one at a time) closer to your dream/goal, you will become that much closer to achieving it.

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