Dark Skin is Bad?

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My son made a comment to me today that made me think.

Kobi: “I got all my friends to wear sunblock, mom.” He plays football and is taking a lifeguard class, so he is out in the son a lot!

Me: “That’s good. They don’t want to ruin their skin or get sunspots.” Maybe he was finally listening to me on the ill effects from the sun on his skin.

Kobi: “No, not because of that! The ladies don’t like dark skin.”

My son is half black (African American). Handsome young man.

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This made me really sad, especially after the Charleston church shooting. Why wouldn’t “the ladies” like handsome young men with dark skin? Haven’t we come a long ways from defining an individual based off the color of his/her skin? What about what is inside? My son’s intellect, sense of humor, charisma….doesn’t any of that matter?

We all have the same organs (minus the different gender parts), including a heart and a brain. Please, let’s start using our brain to look past the superficial layers of individuals. We all grow grey and wrinkly anyhow. And let us start using our hearts to guide us to great friendships and relationship, regardless of what we look like on the outside. You might be surprised how similar you are to the person sitting right next to you no matter how different he/she looks compared to you.

Snip Lesson: Young adults/ teenagers (and everyone else) you are all beautiful and unique in your own ways. This includes what is within and what is superficial. Appreciate the strengths you have and make friends and form relationships with others who make you want to be your best self regardless of what you look like on the surface. We all have a purpose. Live it.

Media credit: https://embracingourcolours.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/embracing-diversity/

5 thoughts on “Dark Skin is Bad?

  1. Ipuna!
    You said it right.
    Long time no news from you. I hope you were busy.
    For this, Please go through my Post “THE WHITENING MYTH”, you may ask your handsome son also to look through. Why do they say skin deep. Its because skin is the thinnest layer which covers only the other parts. Rest is all from inner conscious and the upbringing.
    Best Wishes,


  2. The color of the skin is only a difference of the Melanin.
    As for the human being, a bone and muscle and fat and the …component are the same.

    The scientific thought is important,don’t you?my dear 😛

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