Teen Suicide- Alone


A child (only 14-years-old) jumped to her death at my son’s high school on Sunday. This really disturbs me. I’m trying to grasp what feelings she must have had within to end it all. Here are a few of my thoughts.

Alone. No one to call a friend. My parents don’t understand me. Pressure to be someone in this pool of 3000 students. A voice. All I want is to be heard, but so does everyone else. Instead, I hide in the shadows of those around me- screaming inside- wanting to show everyone that I’m important too. But maybe being important doesn’t mean anything. That can bring its own trials. Maybe this world is just full of trials. Trials I don’t want to partake in anymore. Maybe there’s a better life after I leave this world and maybe there isn’t. But just maybe, it has to be better than this empty hell I’m drowning in. Some say life is a gift, but for me it has been nothing more than a curse. Today, my curse will end. Will anyone even care? I don’t think so. My voice was never heard anyways, so what’s the difference?

Suicide is heartbreaking, but teen suicide rips my heart out. I think I’ll kiss my children a little more tonight and talk a little more to them and say a silent prayer for the family of this child.

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6 thoughts on “Teen Suicide- Alone

  1. Being a teen is hard. And I truly believe peer pressure is harder not to mention the bullying. I think sometimes too, and this is something school counselors and others look for, are cluster suicides after an initial one. I certaly feel for these poor kids. And some of them, truly have no one to talk to or care.


  2. Dear Ipuna !
    I just get scared of All this.
    My one daughter is in her teens and the other is in her youth.
    They are real brave ones.
    I have dedicated you and your blog name in my latest post, please go through and do put your comment on that .

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