Have you ever had an opportunity that seemed wonderful, but just maybe not for you? Everyone else around you would think you were crazy for not taking a great opportunity. “I should try it,” you tell yourself, but there is this nagging feeling within you that it isn’t right. So you continue to push through. “It will get better,” you try to convince yourself. But the harder your press forward, the worse every other area in your life becomes. “I just need to push harder,” you try to drive yourself into believing. And as you continue in this cycle, you become more and more miserable until you look yourself in the mirror and almost don’t recognize who you’ve become. The “spark” you once had is gone. The “smile” you once wore has changed into deep depression creases on your face.

This is when you escape from everything. You go to that place that makes you forget about the everyday business of the world. Maybe it’s the cold mountains, where your only company is your puff of breath in the air. You clear your mind and go within yourself to find that soul who has been dormant. Wake her up! Ask her what happened to us? This is when you write down YOUR priorities again. Not the priorities of those around you or what you see in the media…YOUR priorities. What makes you smile? What gives you the ultimate satisfaction in life? How do you want to be remembered? What lives do you want to touch? How are you going to get there? Can you get there from the stage you are in?

Once you have answered all of these questions, I guarantee it will lead to CHANGE- a very dreadful word. It means the “unknown” and maybe not the “easy” answer, but trust in yourself. That “gut” feeling that you had from day one was there for a reason. Maybe your time is meant to be spent doing something that’s more meaningful to you, and if you partake in activities that you truly care about, it can make all the difference for you and those around you.

Don’t ignore that “gut” feeling. You may surprise yourself at what you can accomplish when you make that CHANGE.

6 thoughts on “Change

  1. LOVE this post. I’ve thought the same thing any number of times. And when you look in that mirror you just feel so lost. I think that’s why I always told the kids as they were growing up, “Don’t settle. If you know in your heart it isn’t for you, follow your instincts.” Too many of us (from my generation anyway) settled instead of challenging ourselves to see what we could do. I whole-heartedly agree with you. Great post! Have you had to give yourself a talkin’ to lately?

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    1. Calensarial, 🙂 Oh yes! I gave myself a big talk! I made a big change lately, and I’m nervous and excited to see where my decision will lead me. I left a fantastic, yet stressful, tenure academic position to spend more time with my children and adventure more into my creative side. I’m sure I’ll post more on where it leads me! Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate the feedback and to know I’m not alone in these types of situations!


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