Life’s Little Moments

Life’s busy. It’s a fact, plain and simple. I know through the everyday hustle and bustle, I wonder if I’m teaching my children anything. I looked on the counter this morning and saw this note from my nine-year-old daughter, Xayla:

Work Hard!
Work Hard!


I loved it because I believe that if I have taught her anything it was through example. We are all different and any goal can be reached in a million different ways. For me, I have found it easiest to reach a goal by listing the steps to get there. As I check off the list, I get closer to my goal. The sweet and simple goal for my daughter was to get ready for school, while not forgetting anything. She made it out the door without forgetting anything one check at a time. Although life is busy, you’d be surprised who is watching you and taking notes :).  Additionally, strive for your goals one check at a time!


7 thoughts on “Life’s Little Moments

  1. This is wonderful. I always hope that my time writing and reading will show to my son that there can be worlds to explore and create just with his mind. He’s only just turned 4, but I try to set the example for him as he grows. 🙂

    I am glad your daughter was able to take it upon herself, using the very tools you use, to reach her goals.


  2. They see and hear so much with those little eyes and ears that it’s truly frightening at times, and we can only hope that it is the right things that are finding a home within them, and you were witness to the fact this morning that indeed it was. Congratulations.

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