Inspirational Hike

photo(2)My inspiration on Thanksgiving was doing this hike with family at 7 am. It lasted about 3 hours! I love exercising because it gets the oxygen flowing to my brain. That always helps gets the creative juices going.

Did you have anything that really inspired you on Thanksgiving?

11 thoughts on “Inspirational Hike

  1. I thought everyone is busy cooking on Thanksgiving day 😉 I like your way much better! Maybe next year…
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I just started reading your blog and, already, I can’t stop ;-). Helen

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  2. Finishing that book is the best thing has happened to me. Even though it’s a fictional story, it has a lot of true family stories in it. It’s my way of keeping my parents (and my memories) alive. Keep writing! Helen


    1. Victoria,
      I’m not sure what mountain it is, but it is in Las Vegas near Hollywood and Bonanza (if you know where that is at). I believe you are from Reno, so that’s why it might be familiar. 🙂


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