People Truly Want You To Do Well, But Just Not Better Than Them.


One of my sisters once told me this. I found it very interesting, yet sad at the same time. In research, one of the things I’ve heard over and over again is “innovation” when it comes to what it is I want to further explore. This used to really stress me out because I felt like almost everything had been studied. I had to keep in mind that all studies build on previous studies, but no two studies are exactly alike.

If we look at this concept from the creative perspective, no two individuals are alike. Often when I hear about people trying to pursue their creative dreams, snickers follow from low breaths around me. I could almost hear their thoughts. You could never be like Michelangelo, Jennifer Lopez, Stephen King, or J.K. Rowling. This negative energy is what often halts our creative progressions. Why can’t we instead, be happy for those who have “made it” and look at them for inspiration/guidance? Then, dig deep within ourselves and remember whatever we produce is unique in its own sense.

What are your thoughts on this?

3 thoughts on “People Truly Want You To Do Well, But Just Not Better Than Them.

  1. Yes, sadly, many people are like that. Before I self-published my YA novel, someone told me that no one would read my book. I didn’t get angry. I showed him he was wrong. He knows better now 😉 Helen

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