That’s What Life is About. Trying New Things.

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My husband and I went to a sushi restaurant. Although I’m the half Asian one, he is way more adventurous than me. He ordered these two dishes. Some of you may know exactly what these two dishes are, but I was a little hesitant. I call myself a sushi and seafood lover, but I get a little worried with things that are too “fishy” tasting. Before my husband took his first bite he said to me, “That’s what life is about. Trying new things.” I was really taken back by what he said. I tried both dishes, and they were actually good! I would have really missed out on great dishes because of the fears in my head. This made me think about how many other “new” things have I shied away from because of my fears? We naturally want to stay where it’s “comfortable”. That would be my soybeans and California rolls. I’ve recently read a few other blogs and truly admire others who have left their “comfort” zones to pursue their dreams and inspirations, such as traveling the world and blogging about it; living their lives through the lens of a camera and sharing their pictures to the world on their blogs; and leaving jobs that took them twelve plus years of education just to realize they are miserable doing it…and then, they write. I’m inspired by these people.  They were willing to try “new things”.

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