Times Have Changed

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I was at the park tonight watching my son practice soccer while eating a Snickers bar (not the healthiest thing, but oh so yummy) when one of his teammates asked me, “Are you reading?” He looked puzzled.

I said, “Yes.” I showed him the book.

He said, “Why?”

I had to laugh at his confused face.

My son chimed in, “Yeah, why would you do that when there are video games?” They both took off running.

Times have changed. As a child, I carried a book almost everywhere. I believe it is too “slow” for some kids. For me, it’s nice to slow down and immerse in a world within a book. I love the mental escape it provides. I keep encouraging my kids too!




10 thoughts on “Times Have Changed

  1. I didn’t know many other people my age that read growing up. My whole family loves to dive into a good book so, I guess it is in my blood. I am with you though! Reading is a wonderful way to unwind and slow down. We all need that sometimes.

    I wasn’t a big reader until grade 6. Nothing had ever really caught my attention. We were forced to read during reading time in class. We would be brought to the library to find something and write a report when we finished it. I ended up picking up a book (Cloning Miranda) and I was hooked. That book did it for me.


  2. I used to tell the parents of my students, “If you want your child to be a reader, then you need to be a reader.”

    Your children will want to be just like you and often emulate what they see you doing… KEEP READING! And don’t forget to read to them. They love it! 🙂

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  3. I tell people I was born with a book in my hands. I really can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading something. Oh well, it may be on a screen now, and usually smaller amounts at a time, but at least they’re still reading something. I like your Blog. Read you later.

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