November: National Diabetes Awareness Month



November is National Diabetes Awareness month.

Here is a video on living with Type I Diabetes:

I remember being about 12 years old when a best friend of mine, Rebecca, took me to the bathroom at church and showed me her needles, vials, and syringes. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We were young and fully couldn’t comprehend the diagnoses. I just remember thinking how unfair it was for her to have to be her pancreas at such a young age, but in life, we don’t get to pick what is “fair” or “unfair”. Instead, we can choose how we handle the cards given to us. As I enjoyed Halloween with my family yesterday, I thought about her. I often don’t think twice about what I put in my mouth or in the mouths of my children on days like Halloween. A person with diabetes doesn’t have that freedom. I guess everyone has the freedom to put whatever they want in their mouths, but a person with diabetes will truly face the consequences. My friend says that she often wonders what life would be like if there was a cure for it. I wonder the same thing, but in the present, I’m thankful for the courage she has shown me through her constant battle to keep up with her powerful disease.

(As a writer: It’s strong people like her that inspire us to write about them in our books.)




One thought on “November: National Diabetes Awareness Month

  1. That’s an excellent video, my heart goes out to the little guy, and to his parents. It really is heartbreaking to see any child suffer, and in a way, it’s even harder when the child is as brave as this particular youngster is. Thanks very much for the opportunity to view it. Read you later.

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