Inspiration When Writing

I used to read for pure enjoyment, but now that I started writing, I didn’t realize how hard it is to convey an environment, feelings, dialogue, etc. into words. Sometimes I listen to music or look at a picture to experience a certain feeling while I write. As part of my graduation present, I recently visited my father in Puerto Rico. In the book I’m editing, I have a tropical rain forest scene with a waterfall. I had the opportunity to visit El Yunque Tropical Rain Forest on my trip. (This is actually a picture of the rainforest on my background.) Talk about inspiration! I visited the rain forest before, but this time I took in every smell, the humidity against my skin, every sound, and examined the flow of water and all of the life around. It was wonderful. I hope that this experience will help me grab the reader into a tropical rainforest. Here are some pictures from my trip. Okay, time to edit!





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