My Teenager Voted Class Clown- Proud Mama?

Kobi class clown 2013-2014

My son, Kobi, was voted as “Class Clown” for his 8th grade class. (He is the one in the front!) He didn’t even attend this school for 6th or 7th grade. Should I be proud that he adjusted so well to a new school, which showed with this “win” or should I be wishing he won something like “Most Likely to Succeed?”

We can mold our kids, but each one is different. They have their own personalities. I can and will never make Kobi act “serious.” It’s almost impossible. I love him for who he is. I try to redirect his “fun” energy into his homework or productive activities. For example, if he has a paper to write in school, I let him use his crazy, creative energy in his paper. He is also a ton of fun to play sports with. I’m proud of him that he can come into new environments and make himself right at home. He is very social, and that is a great quality to have.

I think too many people want children to fit a certain mold. We were all created differently. Some children innately are either shy, funny, serious, mature, etc. Cultivate who they are naturally. Show them love and guide them to make right decisions. Hopefully, their personality will be their greatest strengths as independent productive adults.


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