Additional Tips on Affording College

college debt

I wanted to add a couple of more tips that can help reduce the expense of college.

  • Do you have a talent? My husband received a scholarship for singing. Can you get an athletic, musical, dance, research, etc. scholarship?
  • Student work. See if the school you want to attend offers student work in exchange for a tuition discount.
  • Work off campus. If you work off campus, does your employer offer a tuition discount? When I was in undergraduate school, I worked part-time at Bank of America. I received tuition assistance, even though my degree was not related to banking (nursing). I also received healthcare benefits for working part-time, which was a huge help! My husband received tuition assistance through the hospital I worked for. The hospital offered pre-professional scholarships.
  • Get involved. I received money for tuition because I was a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society and Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. My husband was a member of student senate and received funds through them.
  • Look for flexible work. Remember, your focus once in college should be to do well in school. At the same time, you will need to provide for your basic needs. I worked for a Bank of America branch that offered extended hours in the evening and weekends. My schedule was flexible. My husband was a car valet at a local casino in Vegas. He had flexible hours and made descent money doing it. Don’t get excited or used to the money because you may not finish college. Obtaining an education will open the door for more opportunities.


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