Lead By Example


Being a parent is the hardest job and the greatest responsibility many people will ever have. With almost every decision I make, I think about how that decision will affect my kids. As parents we often feel guilty. Did I not spend enough time with my children today? Did I not read to them? Did I not teach them something new? Did I take them to the park? Did I do homework thoroughly? The list goes on and on. I struggle with the parenting battle everyday, especially now that my oldest son is entering high school! Yikes! I may only have four more years with him under my roof! Recently, I’ve been more persistent with teaching him how to cook, do laundry, and complete chores. My son came home from school last week, and I had a whole “to do” list for him. He said to me, “Mom, you will only have me for four more years. Just show me love.” This would have sounded so sweet to the average person, but my son is a wise cracker. He was just trying to get out of doing anything. Love that boy!

Everyday, I strive to be the best parent I can be, but I’ve come to the conclusion that we will never be the perfect parent. It just doesn’t exist. I worried most about the time I spent with my kids. Today is my nursing graduation ceremony. That tells you I have done a TON of schooling. I started college in 1996, and I am completing my highest degree, PhD in Nursing, in 2014! Now, I took some time off with having children, working, and putting my husband through school. I am very ambitious. I worried if I focused too much time on me with my education. I did sacrifice a lot of sleep and worked through the middle of the night most nights.

I’m not one hundred percent sure how my children will turn out, but I will say that my children all anticipate attending college.  If anything, to learn and grow! I’ve been working on a Young Adult novel, and my daughter just starting writing her “own” book (so cute- it’s called Sportsland!). My children are definitely not perfect and neither am I.

I do know that although I feel that I may not have sat down and taught them everything they need to know in life, they are picking up little habits or seeds to grow by watching me. Hopefully, they are good seeds of work ethic, persistence, drive, dedication, goal setting, charity, faith, love, etc. I believe leading by example is the most powerful way we can teach our children how to be hard working, loving, morally sound, and law abiding human beings.

Ultimately, don’t be to hard on yourself. If you are reading this, you obviously have the best intentions for your children. Lead by example, and you will be surprised what your children learn.

Wish me luck at my nursing ceremony this afternoon! I get to speak for a couple of minutes!


Photo from: http://www.sodahead.com

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