Quit Before You Start


Instead of failing, sometimes it’s easier to quit before you start. I had a friend growing up that quit just about everything she started. There were times we would race (and I’m not fast) when we were in elementary school, and if I was even an inch ahead of her, she would quit. I would race to our designated finish line. She would proudly stroll to the finish line and say, “See, you didn’t beat me. You couldn’t win because I quit.” She would rather quit everything that seemed hard in life in fear of failure.

I think we have all been there. We may feel an inspiration to do something, take a few step in the direction to do it, but stop because we listen to a voice in our heads that says we will never make. It’s easier to just give up. Giving up guarantees no growth.

If Thomas Edison gave up, we wouldn’t have light.

If Mark Zuckerberg gave up, we wouldn’t have Facebook.

If Steve Jobs gave up, we wouldn’t have IPhones.

If Alexander Graham Bell gave up, who knows how long it would have taken to get phones.

If Stephenie Meyer gave up, we wouldn’t have the Twilight series.

What about you? If Ipuna Black gave up, we wouldn’t have……..

Or if you gave up, we wouldn’t have……

We are all important. Go fill in the dots. Finish your sentence.  Fulfill what you are supposed to fulfill while on this earth. You will never get there if you quit. I love this quote by Thomas Edison.




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