Your Dreams are Within Your Reach


“If you are at the top of your class, then you are in the wrong class.” This is a quote that my husband showed me. I love it. It reminds me of the purpose of setting goals. It’s a never ending journey throughout our lives. Our lives would be boring if we set a couple of goals, achieved them, and then, we were content. What would we have to look forward to?

We must do everything in moderation. If we have too many goals on our plate at once, we may not accomplish any of them. This is when the feeling of failure sets in. I always have three main goals I’m reaching for.

  1. A goal for my family.
  2. A goal for work (this may be just with your family if that is your work)
  3. A goal just for me.

The order of how hard I’m working towards a goal can vary. I don’t have to to accomplish each goal in the order listed above. For my family, I had a goal that we prayed more together. In that case, I made sure we set a time aside to say a prayer. It often was at bedtime. For work, I was working on my PhD the last four years. My focus was to do well in school. For my personal life, during my PhD program, I discovered that I really wanted to write using my creative side. It is nice to have that outlet. We all need an outlet that is just for ourselves.

I’m trying to instil goal setting in my children at a young age. I gave each of my my children a notebook and had them write their goals in their notebooks. We evaluate their goals on Sunday and set new ones for the week. Some weeks we are better at this than other weeks.

Getting back to the quote. When I feel that I have mastered my goal, it is time to make a new goal. Have you ever started a job or a task and it seemed so hard in the beginning? With practice, the job or task became easier. As we get comfortable with our goals, it’s time to reach for higher ones. This is how we learn and grow. After all, isn’t that what we are on earth for? To learn, grow, and influence each other in positive ways.

Reach for your goals and dreams. Set the bar high!



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