Katniss Everdeen Girl on Fire


When adversity knocks you down, you get up on fire, like Katniss Everdeen.

During my approximately 12 years of college, I had little time to read. I grew up reading everything I could put my hands on. College and increased responsibilities caused a decrease in time. The Hunger Games was the first book I picked up in years. I started reading it during a short break between semesters. I couldn’t stop. I read the entire series during the short break! I was drawn to Katniss.

I admired her strength and how she handled adversity. We all face adversity everyday. Some days are worse than others. We can choose to be pushed on the ground and wallow in self pity or we can fall to the ground, think for a moment about our next step, and stand up on fire. When we devise a plan to tackle our situation, it gets our mind off the situation and makes us stronger. The next time you are faced with adversity, I hope this image pops in your head, and you fight that adversity on fire.


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