No Means Yes


Sometimes I feel like I am pulled in numerous directions. Balancing work either outside the home or in the home (or both!), family, and your goals can be difficult. We are pulled in multiple directions when we open an email, answer the phone, open the mail, etc. I have to remember two things when I decide where to put my time and energy:

1. How important is this task?

2. What drives me?

I put a picture of a waterfall because I love being near bodies of water. Waterfalls are gorgeous and relaxing. Being near a beach and listening to the crashing waves makes me feel carefree and completely relaxed. When we put too much on our plates, we can’t relax. We are a grouch to be around, and we can’t do anything well. The next time you are asked to do something, maybe ask yourself the two questions I listed above. If it’s not important in the grand scheme of your life or if it doesn’t drive or motivate you towards your goals/ambitions, maybe you should say no. Most of us have a hard time saying no. Remember that “no” actually means “yes” to other areas of your life.

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