Does Your Toddler Have ADHD?

I’ve been asked before if my 1 year old has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


According to an article found on WebMD, toddlers may not be able to sit still, follow simple directions, or control pulses. Um, don’t most toddlers have a hard time with this? I have had 4 children, and maybe I just have active toddlers. Should I worry?

It’s important to keep in mind that toddlers have different personality types. According to another article found on WebMD, there are three broad categories for toddlers: easy, shy, and spirited.

Easy (staying still- just don’t go in the pond!)
What? I'm having fun!
What? I’m having fun!

Of course my toddler is the one who climbs on tables and gets in the toilet. Does that mean she has ADHD? I had a parent tell me she needs medication.

Symptoms of ADHD can start at a young age, but it’s important to remember that toddlers do have different personality types, which is okay. For now, I am just going to work on childproofing my house better and redirecting her energy. Children are not normally diagnosed with ADHD until they are in school. I’m not giving my toddler medications. I’ll just watch her closer and give her love!

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