You Need to Eat Again?

My 14-year-old son comes home from lacrosse practice and asks, “What’s for dinner?”

“Darn, you need to eat again?” I ask him, playing a little stupid.

He starts digging through the cabinets and refrigerator.

“Aren’t you old enough to cook for yourself?” I ask. By golly, he is 14!

“I shouldn’t have to cook for myself after I practice.” The teenage side really comes out.

Oh wait, I guess that is supposed to be another thing on my “to-do” list. Teach my son how to cook and not burn the house down. I’ll have to do that right after homework, piano practice, reading time, and should I try to teach them another language while I’m at it?

I ended up going to a restaurant around the corner and picked up this:

Kalbi ribs, rice, cucumber kimchi, and soybeans. Yum!
Kalbi ribs, rice, cucumber kimchi, and soybeans. Yum!

Heh, it’s better than anything I could cook, and he got two vegetables in! I realized that after a long day of making sure my 5 year old has his lunch for his field trip, taking my kids to their activities, chasing my 1 year old around, etc. It’s okay to not be supermom!

SUPERMOM to the Rescue
SUPERMOM to the Rescue



He was one happy boy and continued his life texting once he had something in his belly. I didn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen between preparation and cleanup. Sometimes taking the “easy” way out is the best option. I’m sane, he’s fed, life’s good. Give yourself a break sometime!

RELAX, We can't do it all.
RELAX, We can’t do it all.

4 thoughts on “You Need to Eat Again?

  1. Yes. I’ve been trying to get mummy to understand this. But she doesn’t want to. Especially if I am the one who’s asking. So, I’ve learned to analyze her properly before I speak. If she’s too busy or visibly stressed, I’d rather go to bed hungry. That was between the ages of 10 – 12.

    But now, I just go whip up something either for the both of us or for everyone. Even if it’s just noodles. You moms rock!!! And you need your YOU time and rest.
    If kids can’t get that, then they are ungrateful 😛

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      1. Copy that, Sunshine.
        Give your moms a break. they deserve it after enduring your naughtiness and feisty lifestyle so perfectly. so, BACK OFF a bit!! Let them have some time to themselves.

        First alert sent. Now on to social media. 😛


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