Teen + Phone + Bedtime = Trouble?

My teenager, “I’m just using my phone for research.”


Mom, “Um at 9 o’clock at night, when you’ve had all afternoon?”


According to a study completed in 2010 at the JFK Medical Center in Edison, N.J., teens send an average of 34 texts a night after bed. You can read more on it here.

The average teenager gets 7 hours of sleep, and they need 9.5 hours of sleep according the Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Although, I am sure my son would never play games, watch a movie, text, or look up inappropriate things on his phone after bedtime (ha ha ha), it’s best to take the temptation away. I sleep better (knowing what he has access to) and so does he (with no distractions).

Sleep at night or this happens...
Sleep at night or this happens…

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