Korean Hanbok

IMG_7961The Korean hanbok is traditional Korean attire that is vibrant in color. The Korean hanbok, literally means “Korean clothing.” It is often worn for formal wear or traditional festivals and traditions. You can click here: To read more about Hanboks.

My mother has lived in America since she was in her early twenties, but she kept many of the Korean traditions. One of the traditions is to dress your child in a hanbok for his/her one-year-old birthday and take pictures. Here is my daughter, Kayzle, in a hanbok. She recently turned one. I just LOVE the colors. I did the same things with my other children. Another tradition in Korea, according to my mother, is to place a piece of paper, money, and a tool in front of her on her first birthday. You let her go and see what she goes for. If she goes for the paper, she is supposed to be creative. If she goes for the money, she is supposed to be wealthy. If she goes for the tool, she is supposed to work hard with her hands. (Or him for all of the above) I’m not sure I believe it, but I think it’s a fun tradition. Let me know if there are any other one-year-old Korean traditions your family does.

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