April 2010

Easter was great. I made breakfast and we, we painted eggs, and we had an Easter Egg hunt in the backyard. Of course we had a talk on the real importance of Easter. My oldest sister, Maria, visited. Sara and Keatyn (and later Scoot) came in as well. We made treats for Xayla’s teachers. Xayla drew a card for each of them that was so cute. Finally and most important (except for Easter of course:)), Jy turned 2! Crazy. My baby is 2. (No, not time for another :). He is such a joy. He is sooooo busy. I love his energy, but he gets hurt a lot! He is also unreasonable many times. He is preparing for football by dressing up in Kobi’s jersey. He is VERY playful like his Dad. I love him just the way he is.

I never really talked about Xayla at 5. She is really spiritual. She always does things to please Heavenly Father and will correct those that are not pleasing him. She does not like to joke. She is reading small books and writing. She loves school. She is my minny me. She follows me around everywhere. She is just so sweet. She is curios about death as well and often asks me why people die. She wants to be really healthy so she doesn’t die is what she tells me :). I love my kids. What blessings.

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4 thoughts on “April 2010

  1. Now you are doing monthly posts… good idea. I can't believe Xayla got such a bad rash. Ouch.

    I know it's crazy that our boys are 2. Seems like we just had them.


  2. It was so great running into you the other day, so random huh!!?? So we need to get together before we go back! Your kids are so good looking, seriously amazing genes lady!!


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