So, we have been having a lot going on. The good news is we are staying in Las Vegas. K.C. The other good news is that we are embarcking on another adventure. We are moving from the East side of town to the South end of town. If anyone wants to help us move, we are moving next Saturday, June 20th, at 0700 AM. K.C. likes to get an early start on things. If you know where we live, come join us. We are moving in a house that is on Wigwam in between Valle Verde and Green Valley Parkway. I hate moving, but at least it makes me dejunk…..and boy do I need to dejunk.
K.C. got a job at Desert Dental. Hopefully, he will be partners in about 6 months. His job is off of Valle Verde and the 215. Here is the website:
He should be added to the website shortly. If you need a great Dentist in Las Vegas, come see my hubby! He starts June 26th. That is why we are moving so quickly. So exciting!

9 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Let me correct my wife. We will be starting at 6am Saturday morning. I am all about beating the heat! Food and drinks will also be on hand for the moving crew. We have been moving stuff over throughout the week. It should only take one trip with us getting the biggest uhaul we can. By Saturday morning, it should just be the big stuff.


  2. Oh you guys I am so excited for you!! Man you found a house quick! Have you sold yours? Send me the new address when you get all settled in so we can keep in touch! Love and miss you guys!!


  3. YAY for you guys!!! I wish I could help you move – it is the worst. I am so happy you're staying in Vegas rather than moving to Texas. That's awesome you already have another house. Good luck with your new job, ward and neighbors!


  4. I'm happy K.C. got a job in town! Even if you will still be across town at least it's still Vegas. If you need some help getting settled and don't mind my kids… we can come and help. Let me know.


  5. Your family is beautiful! I love blogs. Such a great way to stay in contact. We hope to come back to the west. We will be done in 2 years. We are in PA doing EM. James loves it and I have enjoyed the changes med school has given. Happy to say I will talk to you soon:)


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