Congradulations K.C.!

Today was K.C.’s last official day of Dental School! Yeah! We survived four years! I’m so proud of him and all of the sleepless nights he put in. I know he is going to do so well. Now it’s a matter of getting a job. I’m excited to find out where we will be going (either staying in town or moving)? We are not sure yet. Just looking for a job. I can’t believe no more Dental School! No more blue scrubs! His official graduation is May 9th. Can’t wait!

17 thoughts on “Congradulations K.C.!

  1. Congrats K.C. that is awesome!! You guys made it and Ipuna you are such a great wife and mother!! What an adventure you could have ahead if he gets a job out of Vegas! Maybe Colorado!!! 🙂


  2. Hey you two – found your blog – somehow. Can’t remember who I go to you from – but regardless, I’m glad I found you. Looks like your happy and things are going great. Congrats on Dental school K.C. That’s a great accomplishment. Congrats to BOTH of you. Your family is beautiful!


  3. Ah congrats! That’s an awesome feeling to be done…can’t wait. Maybe we could end up in the same spot. Doesn’t it suck that the economy is crap?


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