Birthday Girl and Jy turning 11 months

This little guy turned 11 months. It’s crazy to think he is going to be a year old soon! He is so sweet. He is crawling every where and pulling himself up on things. He hasn’t figured out walking out. He just started giving kisses selectively :). He loves trying to get into the toilet water (yuck) and he just figured out how to open drawers. He can’t eat too many table foods because he chokes on everything still. He hasn’t figured out how to use his 6 teeth yet. He is a bundle of joy.

Xayla had a birthday! She turned 4! I can’t believe she is already 4. She loves cheerleading for Kobi’s football team. She takes ballet classes right now as well. She is excited about starting soccer soon. She loves school and loves to read. She listens very well but is very stubborn when she wants to be. She is REALLY into princesses right now. She is so girly (I love it), but she is really competitive when she plays sports. She loves to do everything I’m doing. I love this little girl!

7 thoughts on “Birthday Girl and Jy turning 11 months

  1. Yay post! KC you did not take pictures of them at practice like I told you. We might be coming to vegas next week so we can see you guys!


  2. Oh my gosh your kids are cute! Hey I am putting together a cd for us dental girls of the past 4 years school, so if you have any pictures of any memories, baby births, events, etc. will you email to me? My email is christinehull@mywayThank you!


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