K.C.’s idea of a perfect Valentines and Xayla

So Xayla started ballet. She loves it! She is so funny. She gets so jealous when K.C. and I hold hands. Here are some of her lines:
“Mom, you and Daddy can’t hold hands in the car because you are going to crash and die.”
“Mommy, you can’t get married today (she keeps thinking we are not married) because your ring is not sparkly yet (you have to have a ring that SHE thinks is sparkly to get married).

Her latest:
“Mom you can’t get married today because the leaves are still green. When they are not green you could get married.

“If you get married, I’m going to get so really mad.”

“When you get married, I’m going to hide behind a tree. I’m going to shake the tree and make it fall right near you and Dad.”

“Pick, love me or get married.”

She is one determined little cookie. K.C. tried to tell her that we both love her and we love each other, but she did not like that answer.
The perfect Valentines spot?

So K.C. comes home yesterday and says “What are we doing Saturday night?”
I said “Nothing, that I know of.”
He says, “It’s Valentines.”
I said, “Why don’t we just put the kids to bed early, have a nice dinner alone, and sit down together to watch a movie.”
He said, “No we will get a sitter.”
I said, “And go where?”
“We could go to Chipotle (I do not like very much) and go to the Rebel game. (I looked at him crazy because he looked at me as if it was supposed to be the best idea ever.) What? It’s cheap. All the other Dental wives thought it was a great idea (Yeah right!).”
Well, I did finally get the camera that I’ve been wanting
CANON EOS REBEL XSI 450D +HUGE KIT 3 LENSES 4GB (coming next week in the mail). I’m so excited because I wanted to learn how to use it so I could take Jy’s 1 year pictures in a couple of months. Xayla is also turning 4 March 1st, so I would love to take her pictures as well.
I decided that I know he would LOVE to be at the Rebel game, so we will do that for Valentines, but I will get another date without kids to an event that has nothing to do with sports. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going to sporting events, but I do not like it to take up EVERY SINGLE date.
Got to love my honey. By the way, he has been doing well in school. We are just trying to figure out where we will be. Here are somewhere else. I will be sure to post when I know what we are doing :).

7 thoughts on “K.C.’s idea of a perfect Valentines and Xayla

  1. I’m so jealous of your new camera! I need one like that. Xayla is so funny…I wonder why it’s okay for everyone to be married except for you and KC. Have a great vady! If you need a sitter let me know!


  2. Hey! That was Nate’s great idea too. And the added bonus for me is the sitter so we won’t have our kids (I usually go to games and leave frustrated from trying to keep 3 kids seated and not hitting strangers in front of us).Our husbands are funny. Atleast it’s time together 🙂 although it’s not my first choice of activity.


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